Common Illusions For Roulette Players

The truth isn’t always popular, but it remains the truth. This article is about understanding not just mistakes, but common illusions roulette players have. The chances are you are victim to at least one of them. If you want to improve your results at the roulette table, carefully read and understand them.

The Odds Of Future Spins Change

Almost every new roulette player makes the same mistakes. Say for example we walked up to a table, and saw a streak of reds. Some players think the streak will continue, given the recent history. And other players will think that black is bound to spin next. The fact is the odds of the next been haven’t changed at all. And betting red is no better than betting black.

To more experienced players, this may seem obvious. But they don’t fully understand the concept. Of course they’ll tell you otherwise, because everyone likes to think they have a good handle on reality.

For example, on my roulette forums, I’ve been in contact with tens of thousands of roulette players. Many have been playing for decades, yet make the same mistakes.

A classic example is their systems use elaborate methods of tracking patterns – or what they perceive as patterns. The player may call these patterns “triggers”. And after a trigger occurs, the player’s system determines they should bet.

Here’s where the problem is: no matter what triggers have occurred, the odds of any number spinning next haven’t changed. It doesn’t matter how elaborate the patterns or triggers are in the player’s mind, nothing has changed. That’s not to say that real patterns don’t exist, because they do. But most players are clueless as to what the real patterns are. So they mistake common random behavior for legitimate patterns.

If you use the Martingale strategy system, you would be varying the size of bets after either wins or losses. You might think the spins are connected, but they aren’t. Instead of making a series of connected bets, you’re making random bets with varying bet sizes.

Most new roulette players aren’t interested in understanding why most players lose. Instead they focus on a new idea or roulette strategy they have. And of course almost always new strategies have no chance of working.

Focusing On The Betting Table

Numbers one and two are right next to each other on the roulette table. But they are at nearly opposite ends of the physical wheel. If you bet on one, but the ball landed on two, the roulette dealer places the winning marker and number two. If your focus is the betting table, you’d think you almost won. But the real wheel tells a different story.

The vast majority of roulette betting systems based on the betting table. The problem is the betting table is a scattered representation of the real physical wheel. It is designed to distract you.

Ignoring Experience From Others

When I was a new player, I also made these mistakes. One of my biggest mistakes was ignoring advice from others who had been in my shoes before. In my own mind, I wanted to discover the secret myself, without relying on anyone else. Retrospectively, this was a mistake. I could have saved myself years of time, and losses, if I took the time to understand what the experts were saying. Of course back then, I wasn’t even sure who the experts were.

Look at it this way, you may have one life. But if you read books that explain other people’s experiences, you can learn lifetimes worth of information. But you can’t just rely on anyone’s word alone. You need to experience things for yourself. So when you take note of what someone says, take the time to understand it, and test the principles for yourself. Unless you test for yourself, you will be easily misled.

Lose Your Pride

Pride can blind you. You could spend months developing a particular roulette system, and may initially have good results. Your success may last for a while, then the system eventually fails. You may be very proud of previous results achieved by your system, and believe your system perhaps need some tinkering or slight adjustments. The reality may be that your system sucks, and is no better than random bets.

So if you intend to make roulette a business, take the emotion out of it. And this includes removing pride from the equation. An equation doesn’t care about how you feel emotionally about a system. Reality is reality, regardless of how you feel. Only proper testing of strategy will reveal the truth.

The Casino Doesn’t Make You Lose

The chances are you’ve been testing different systems, and getting mixed results. Once in a while, you find a system that seems to work. So you stick to it for a while, but it too eventually loses. This happened to me many times, and my typical reaction was to believe that maybe the casino was somehow onto me. Or perhaps the dealer changed the way they spin the ball.

The reality was my systems sucked. Back then I didn’t know what I was doing, and it was easier to blame someone else than myself, or my system.

In any modern casino, legal regulations prohibit the casino from cheating in any way. It doesn’t mean cheating doesn’t take place. It means if the casino were to cheat, they risk massive fines or losing their license. The casino doesn’t care about your small bets. They couldn’t care less if they lose a few thousand dollars in a night. They’re interested in the big game, which occurs over hundreds of thousands of spins, which is long-term revenue.

The only time a casino cheating is plausible, is on a high-stakes and illegal game. But if you play in licensed and regulated casino, generally you have nothing to worry about the casino cheating. The closest thing regulated casino comes to cheating, is with the application of countermeasures, which are designed to make winning harder for professional players.

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