Casino surveillance and avoiding detection as a professional player


With any legitimately effective roulette system, the only real limit to your winnings is what you can get away with. In other words, if casino staff notice your consistent winnings, one way or another it wont be allowed to continue forever. So it is critical that players remain undetected. In this issue, I’ll explain various tips to avoid detection. However, these tips are not a full list of what you can do because a lot of other methods are only taught to my players.

1. Never subscribe to loyalty or award cards. They allow casinos to track your winnings.

2. Try not to dress in a distinct way that helps casino staff remember you. Dress like the average person.

3. Get the know the regular staff and their shifts. If you are seeing the same staff members all the same time, they are seeing you too. So play at times when different staff members are likely to be working.

4. Usually you shouldn’t get too friendly with the staff because you may stand out too much. But there are exceptions. For example, being friendly and tipping will make staff happier that you’re winning. While you can tip a dealer, you can’t always tip pit bosses or surveillance staff, and they are the ones who can cause you trouble. A dealer you are friendly with can help you blend in. Most dealers WANT you to win. After all, it is not their money at risk and they like to see happy people. Plus a happy dealer is more likely to do what the can to help you, provided it isn’t too obvious. Most other casino staff feel the same. But there is always at least one staff member around whos job is to make sure that you lose. Usually you can’t see them as they’re in the surveillance room watching TV monitors.

5. Remember that everything is recorded on video. So anything you do can be reviewed later.

6. Don’t play exclusively one game. If you deliberately play a range of games and allow only very minimal losses, to the casino staff you look more like a regular “gambler”.

7. If you take notes on paper, use only the paper that casinos provide. It is not at all uncommon for players to take notes.

8. When taking notes, ENCODE what you write. For example, if you draw a little diagram that marks which diamonds the ball hits, this is a dead giveaway that you are looking at valid principles to beat roulette. So make your data look like something else.

9. Play on a busy table. The more players at the table, the better you’ll blend in. But avoid tables that are too busy as then the wheel spins less frequently. The best times to play are usually 5-6pm (varies between casinos).

There are many more guidelines you can follow, but again I only teach everything to my players, who also receive a range of free tools which are listed at

How much can you win without being detected?

For casino staff to identify professional players is not an easy thing to do especially if you are only taking $500-$1000 per session, which is a reasonable amount to live on. Generally if you win $1000-$2000 per week, casino staff wont bother to monitor you, unless of course you are constantly the only person playing roulette in a quiet casino.

Having a series of small wins is the typical approach. However, some players prefer more of a “hit and run” approach where they win $30,000 or so, then don’t return to that casino for a month or so. This approach has proven very successful but the risk is casino staff are more likely to put a photo of you on a list that is shared between casinos. This is over-rated though and for the list to be of any use to casinos because for them to identify who you are, you would need to be suspected of professional play on a different occasion. Then the casino staff would need to manually check your face against databases and use fiddly facial recognition software that requires a perfect head-on view of you, and is rather inaccurate. You are at a greater risk from plain memory of casino staff. Ultimately unless you are traveling between nearby casinos winning vast amounts, the casinos don’t even use the professional player database.

Is it difficult to blend in? . . . Generally no, but it depends on the system you use. If you use visual ballistics where you bet after the ball is released, then you need to skip some spins every now and then instead of betting late on ever spin. For example you make small bets before the ball spins, more to blend in. And perhaps every third or so spin you use the visual ballistics system, but on these spins you bet significantly higher. It is easier with advanced roulette computers because one player can take the wheel timings, and your partner places the bets without needing to suspiciously look at the wheel. If you use the JAA system available to full players, then you bet before the ball is released and it is very easy to avoid detection.

Overall there a few major signs that casino staff check for when determining if a player is a professional, and it is very easy to avoid the triggers.

What happens IF you are detected?

Even if you use a roulette computer cheating device, they do not take you out back and beat you up. Most people think you will be asked to leave or banned. But the reality is the casino staff wont say anything to you. All they’ll do is try to change conditions at the wheel until you either lose back your winnings or leave. That’s all. You will only ever be banned as a last resort.

An example of what they’ll do is try to vary ball and rotor speeds more. Or perhaps they’ll change the ball. These types of actions are called “counter-measures”. These can make you lose with traditional professional systems such as visual ballistics. But it doesn’t significantly affect you if you use the JAA system used by players – typically it just makes life a little harder for you because you need to do more work. For example, a ball change only means you need to split data into two different sets – one for each ball. While counter-measures don’t usually make you lose, if the casino staff start applying them, generally it is time to leave. This is because once you are detected, the casino staff wont allow it to continue forever. So you simply leave and come back another day.

This is the reality of being “caught” or “detected” in casinos. If you find someone telling you that you’ll be bashed or banned forever, you can be sure they don’t know what they’re talking about.

Despite winning vast amounts, very few of my players have actually been banned. This is because they follow simple guidelines, and it is not in the casino’s best interests to outright ban you. They certainly wouldn’t want to make a scene, and they want you to lose back winnings. This is partly why casinos will give you a free room after big wins . . . they want you to stay longer so you are more likely to lose winnings. Not exactly banning you, is it?

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