Best Way To Win at Casino

This article discusses the best way to win at casino. Spoiler alert: it’s the cross reference system at Contrary to what most players think, casinos can be beaten at their own games. In fact casinos spend millions to prevent consistent winners. You might think if a casino is could be beaten, why do they exist at all. The simple answer is most players lose, and only a few consistently win. But they’re only specific games that can be beaten, and 888 casino is no exception.

Which 888 Casino Games Can Be Beaten

roulette-wheel-049It would be great if all casinos games could be beaten. When I first got into gambling, I attempted to beat all kinds of games including the slot machines. Unfortunately slot machine simply cannot be beaten. The simple reason comes down to you cannot predict the outcomes of spins. In particularly with slot machines, the outcomes of the reels are fixed, and there is no way to predict them. Therefore, you cannot increase the accuracy of predictions. And ultimately this means there is no way to increase your chances of winning.

There is an exception when it comes to slot machines. If the slot machine either has a real physical reels, or at least a digital representation of real physical reels, the slots can be beaten. This is because the appearance of particular icons on the reel can be tracked. It is similar to card counting, where you might notice particular cards haven’t appeared for some time. If you monitor the expected time of appearance, and bet when they are expected, you can increase your chances of winning at slots.

But modern day slot machines are very different, and they are no different to a computer game. They do not simulate real slot machine reels, and waiting for particular icons to appear simply doesn’t work. The slot machines are 888 casino like this. The best way to win a 888 casino is not with the slot machines.

The Best Games To Win at 888 Casino

Essentially the live games are the best way to win at 888 casino. The two best being blackjack and roulette. Starting with blackjack, you may have heard of card counting techniques. These involve tracking the cards that have been dealt in previous hands. And by knowing the previously dealt cards, you can know which cards are remaining in the deck. At least this is how professional players won at 888 casino. Unfortunately you technology now better randomises the shuffling of cards. Almost every modern casino now uses this technology. However, the card shuffling machines themselves do not produce truly random shuffles. So a combination of card counting and shuffle analysis can increase your chances of winning.

The very best game to win at 888 casino is live roulette. If you believe the majority of information throughout the Internet, you would think that roulette is unbeatable. Unfortunately most roulette articles are written by people with no experience. The fact is roulette is by far the most predictable casino game in modern casinos. This is because the roulette wheel is a mechanical device with fixed physical properties. And fixed physical properties make the game predictable to a degree. You cannot win on every spin, but you can win enough spins to overcome the house edge.

The Best Winning Strategies for 888 Roulette

Not always is a simple roulette system going to beat 888 casino. What I mean by simple, is a betting strategy like the Martingale where you simply doubling your bet after losses. This doesn’t work, and neither does of the roulette systems like the Fibonacci system.

The only method that beat roulette attempt to predict where the ball will land. In a nutshell, this means the application of roulette physics. It may sound difficult, but the principles and physics of roulette wheels is actually quite simple. You can learn many techniques for beating live online roulette, including at 888 casino, at this website.

Avoiding Detection To Keep Winnings

The principles for winning at this casino are different to other casinos, with one exception. At online casinos, it is very easy for the casino staff to track your winnings and losses. They can also see every bet you make. This means the application of professional roulette systems is easier for them to detect. But the casino staff need to have enough data to analyse. It is easy to avoid detection by spreading winnings across multiple accounts. For this reason, online casinos for bid the use of multiple accounts. It is quite easy to bypass is restriction, although this is beyond the scope of this article.

Further Advice About Winning at Roulette

First learn how to play roulette including the types of roulette bets – it’s an easy game to learn. Many roulette tips websites will advise you about various methods to increase your chance of winning. If the website advises you to make outside bets, unfortunately such strategies simply don’t work. There are only a few methods that really beat roulette, including 888 casino, and they involve only inside bets.

So avoid any outside bets including the columns, colours, odds or evens, and so on. The only true winning bets are based on neighbours, which are sectors of numbers that are physically to each other on the roulette wheel. This is basically because the only method that do work involve predicting sectors of where the ball will land.

For more details about advanced methods to win, see the page explaining how to win at roulette.

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