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In previous issues you learned basic principles that make roulette predictable, and a basic system to predict spins. This issue explains how you can get free help from experienced players, and learn even more powerful free systems.

As you probably know, I operate numerous roulette roulette forums including, and These forums are many years old, and were most active when I never explained to members WHY their approach didn’t work. This is because the members kept trying a new system every day with the same approach, just packaged in a different way. And there are an infinite amount of ways to do the same thing, so the conversations were in perpetual circles.

But then I began explaining to members why their methods eventually failed. I created the page at although many people don’t care to read or understand it.

As more of the members understood why their easy but ineffective systems couldn’t win, the activity on the forums decreased although the productiveness of discussions increased. Most people still look for that incredibly easy system that takes seconds to learn but can make them millions. Although looking for such a system may be a waste of time, I do encourage such pursuits to a degree, because progress can’t be made without exploration and an open mind.

I don’t normally spend much time posting on forums, if you post a question at any of my forums, and email me directly to make sure I see it, then I will gladly respond in detail for you and others to see. Some additional information you may want to know includes:

* How to more quickly find suitable wheels: time is indeed money, and there are shortcuts that can save you days of scouting for suitable wheels.

* Quickly evaluating if the casino staff know about you, and taking appropriate action: once casino staff notice your consistent winning, they wont tolerate it and will do what they need to protect themselves. Understanding their behavior is important to sustained profits.

* Knowing when your system has lost effectiveness, and how to quickly fix problems: Mistakes with any professional method can lead to you making bets that avoid the winning number instead of hitting it, so you end up losing faster than with random bets. Not knowing how to adjust for changes is one of the most costly mistakes a professional player can make.

My players and partners sometimes attend the above forums, although they spend much more time at the player-only forum at Nevertheless, often my players are the members on other forums who respond with accurate advice, telling you how you can and can’t beat roulette.

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