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The truth isn’t always popular. This article explains the mentality of most roulette players, and why they lose. It is how casinos stay in business.

The Truth About Beating Roulette Isn’t Popular

When I tell most roulette players that only physics can beat roulette, they tend to switch off. This is especially true for new players, who expect to beat roulette with a very simple system that can be learnt and applied in minutes.

Although I do sell some of my roulette systems and technology, I do so with the understanding that most players don’t like the idea of using physics. If I only wanted sell products, I wouldn’t be selling advantage play systems that apply physics. I would be better off selling RNG systems, because that’s what most players want.¬†Almost daily I get emails from people asking about beating RNG random number generator) roulette. And I explain to the players why they cannot beat RNG. Basically it’s just a slot machine with fancy computer graphics. It may look like roulette, but it is exactly the same as a slot machine.

Clearly most players expect to win millions with little or no effort. Nobody wants to work a dead-end 9-to-5 job. And many roulette players consider roulette to be a potential replacement for a typical job. And it can be, with the right roulette strategy. But unfortunately anything that works will take more than a few minutes of learning.

Let’s compare two systems for example. Firstly consider the Martingale, where you just bet on red and double your bets after losses. If you’re read my page about the Martingale roulette system, you would know you are guaranteed to lose eventually. But the betting strategy is incredibly simple.

Now compare a professional advantage play strategy, like bias analysis. This technique requires between 5000 to 10,000 spins just to analyse or assess wheels. Many players won’t even see this many spins in their life. It is acceptable for professional teams, but not for ordinary players. This severe impracticality is one of the reasons I advise players to use other techniques. Bias analysis can and does work, but with more advanced methods, which are provided free on this website.

Anyway you can understand why professional techniques are not as appealing as much simpler systems. But there is some middle ground.

The Simple, Practical and Effective Professional Roulette Strategy

My cross-referencing roulette system allows the player to start profitable betting after as little as 50 spins per direction. It does not rely on wheel bias or defects. With the latest JAA software, in many cases, the player’s edge begins after just a few spins. This means after five or so spins, the player will begin to have an edge over the casino. However, the player’s edge will not be maximised and become stable until at least 50 or so spins.

In addition to being much quicker than other professional methods, it is considerably more accurate. For example, bias analysis may give the player and edge of 5%. But the cross-referencing system can give a player edge up to 15%. It is not the holy grail system. So it won’t work on every wheel. But it works on around 30% of modern wheels, which is more than enough to be practical.

The Majority of Free Roulette Tips Websites

If you do a Google search for just about any gambling term, you will find websites that are loaded with ads for online casinos. Advertising itself is not the problem. It’s that Google partially ranks websites based on the popularity of information. Therefore many high-ranking websites tell people what they want to hear. For example, they may present a system that is guaranteed to lose. But the player wouldn’t have any idea why the system failed. Even worse is some websites provide free systems, and claim that they only work at particular casinos with flawed software. This is because the website owner gets commission on your losses at those casinos.

One particular thing that I have a personal problem with, is how websites promote themselves as having the best winning roulette systems. And when you visit the website, you see nonsense like the Martingale listed. Many players have never even heard of the Martingale, so they read the information thinking that it was called the best system, so perhaps it may work.

The Internet has many uses, but unfortunately its commercial aspect leads to many pages full of nonsense. And nonsense is not the word I really wanted to use.

Where To Find the Truth About Winning Roulette

I’ve always been a fan of Wikipedia, because it has strict guidelines about content being accurate and non-commercial. Because its intent is clear, it has no motive to distort or stretch the truth. So generally Wikipedia is a good source of facts. But a problem is in most cases involving gambling systems or strategies, the contributors have little or no personal experience. So they get their information from other sources, who may also have limited personal experience.

My first websites about roulette began by explaining why systems fail. I later introduced various free methods that worked, and the technology I sell. But since partners took over part of the responsibility of sales, I have more time to write articles and educate people about winning roulette.

The Aims of This Website

Over the previous months, you may have noticed the entire structure of his website has been changed (thanks mostly to partners). It has become more informational resource about winning roulette. The majority of articles have still been written by myself, although some have also been contributed by partners.

In addition to explaining the various technology we sell, I intend to make this the single best resource for professional roulette players. The majority of information will always be free. But the nature of winning roulette means that some things must be kept secret. This additional information is made available only to players who have purchased the technology or systems. And even then some things are not disclosed because players don’t need all information to benefit from it.

Roulette is not likely to change in the next 10 or so years. But perhaps one day it will be too difficult to beat. And if or when this is the case, I will release all my software and techniques for free. This is to share the knowledge, so that it may be applied to other areas.

Many people have asked why I don’t give away everything for free. This is for a few reasons. Firstly, the techniques and technology still work in modern casinos. If everything was released for free, the casinos would be better equipped to protect themselves. This makes it harder for average people to profit. Why would I want to do that?

Secondly, it does have commercial value to me as a product. I made very clear that I do not use my JAA system anymore. This is because I prefer to focus on roulette computer use, and the management of my private teams. This doesn’t mean that JAA doesn’t work. It just means that I prefer to use my best technology.

Thirdly, if you spent over 20 years developing something, would you so easily give it away for free? Even though I don’t use JAA anymore, I wouldn’t want secrets spread all over the Internet. This is again because it would help casinos. But even if I gave it for free to specific players, it may not even be respected. I discovered this when at one stage I gave away many free roulette computers, trusting that people were going to be honest, and pay me part of their profits. After all I could lock the computers anytime to prevent abuse. Unfortunately I found that many people were too lazy to even visit casinos, contrary to their promise to dedicate time. And many people didn’t even bother to return the equipment. So this approach of giving everything to people for free didn’t work. Perhaps one in 10 people actually kept their promise. And in some cases, I discovered players were profiting without disclosing winnings to me.

Helping people for free sounds good in principle, but it did have problems as explained. Nevertheless, I have nothing to lose from providing free and accurate information about how to win at roulette, as published on this website. But soon I will expand the information to cover other casino games. Why? To help people take money from greedy casinos.

Gambling is Bad

You may notice that a lot of my material explains why particular roulette strategies won’t work. And I know that many people don’t want to use roulette physics to win. This is perfectly ok. But if a player understands why their particular system doesn’t work, then hopefully they won’t play at all.

Although I love the game of roulette, I don’t particularly like the gambling industry. It does a lot of harm to society. Gambling has existed perhaps since the beginning of history. And perhaps it will always exist. But it’s not a good idea to have public establishments where people can lose their life savings.

Having said that, I suggest stay out of casinos unless you fully understand what you are doing. Gambling can become very addictive, in particularly when trying to recover losses. The methods I teach are not gambling. They are professional advantage play techniques that give the player an advantage over the casino. They can be considered a calculated investment, and a business opportunity. It should be seen as nothing more.

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