6 Types of Casino Games a Beginner Can Enjoy

For many people, gambling is the best way to have fun and sate their competitive streak. Undeniably, there is an unmatched sense of satisfaction that you get when you go home a crowned winner. However, a loss is an inevitable part of casino games, and the higher your bets, the bigger your chances of seeing your hard-earned money go down the drain! This is why many beginners are wary of casino games. 

Nonetheless, even if you are a beginner, there are a plethora of lucrative games that you can enjoy. Interested in making some quick cash? Then, check out the following 6 casino games.

Slot Machines

Slot machines are probably the shiniest variety of games most casinos offer. With their flashy colors and sounds, it is easy to see why trying them out may be tempting. However, slot machines get a bad rip, given that some people believe that houses rig them on purpose to prevent customers from winning. While this might be true for some unreputable casinos, most credible places forgo these cheap methods since these practices will not only tarnish their reputation but may also put them out of business for good. 

If there is anything negative to be said about slot machines, it is that they depend on pure luck; there is not really a formula you can learn to maximize your profits. As a beginner, there are some tips you can employ if you want to try your luck with slot machines. First off, steer away from progressive slots because they up your chances of losing huge amounts of money. Moreover, look for machines that offer a reasonable RTP (return to player) percentage, and start with the ones that do not require high bets. We also recommend that you try free slots first to make sure that you like this type of gambling before you invest resources in it.


You really cannot go wrong with roulette, seeing as it is one of the easiest casino games to play. Thanks to its popularity, you can find roulette in all casinos, including online and brick-and-mortar ones. If you currently reside in Singapore, finding an online casino Singapore that has roulette should be pretty easy but make sure that its servers are stable enough. As for the game itself, its layout includes a table containing numbers ranging from 1 to 36 and other betting options depending on the casino. To start, place your chips on the number or range of digits you want to bet on. For instance, you may choose to bet on a specific number (3, 8, 31, etc.), an odd number, an even number, a range (1 to 18 or 19 to 36), or a color (black or red). After all bets are placed, the dealer then spins the wheel and throws a small ball inside. If the ball stops at a number, range, or color that you have placed your bet on, you win. As a beginner, try not to choose specific numbers but rather focus on ranges and colors since this kind of gambling is usually more rewarding.


Yes, bingo, the game you used to play as a child, is a central attraction in casinos! To try your hand at bingo, you first need to purchase a ticket. A bingo ticket contains numbers ranging from 1 to 75, 1 to 80, or 1 to 90. Numbers are then called, so if you find corresponding digits in your ticket, cross them out. Once you cross out five consequent vertical or horizontal cells, you earn a letter (B, I, N, G, O). Complete the word “bingo” to win!


Baccarat is another casino game suited for both experts and beginners. Each baccarat game includes two hands – the player’s hand and the dealer’s or banker’s hand. You have three betting options – banker, player, and tie. How do we decide that a hand is superior to the other, though? Simply put, each hand has two cards, and by adding the values of these cards, the winner is decided. The cards whose sum is the closest to nine make for a winning hand. Note that if the sum exceeds 10, we remove the 1. For example, if the sum of the cards’ values is 14, then the hand’s total value is only 4. 


Want a game that only takes 5 mins to get the hang of? If the answer is yes, then we recommend Keno! Keno is perhaps the easiest casino game you can go for as a beginner. To play, start by buying a ticket, which should include numbers from 1 to 80. Now, pick 10 or 20 numbers, depending on the casino’s rules, and decide how much you want to bet. The dealer then calls 20 random numbers. The more numbers you match, the better your earnings will be! The best thing about keno is that it has a high RTP percentage, so you do not have much to lose.

Scratch Cards

Scratch cards are widely available in all online and physical casinos, and the best thing about this type of gambling is that you do not have to study a hard set of rules to be able to fully grasp it. Quite simply, each scratch card hides several symbols, so just purchase one and place a wager on it. If the dealer calls out one or more of the symbols your card includes, you get a payout. There are many variations of scratch cards, so experiment to find ones you enjoy.

There are many casino games you can enjoy as a beginner, and as you might have noticed, we have not included poker on our list. The reason behind this is that it can be too punishing and complex for new gambling enthusiasts. Roulette, keno, baccarat, and scratch cards are all great alternatives that are simple enough for newbies. So, head out to your nearest casino or choose an online one and let the fun begin!

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