Will Multi-Wheel Roulette Take Off?

In terms of casino games, roulette is one of the most unique and challenging options out there. Typically, card games emphasize strategy and probabilities, while other popular games like slots are designed for excitement and visual appeal. Roulette, the creation of mathematician Blaise Pascal, has both excitement and probability at play.

In a brick-and-mortar casino, a roulette table is a social place that’s often surrounded by loud groups. Unsurprisingly, the game is also a hit at virtual lobbies for web-based casinos. And as one of the most popular titles available at online casinos, there’s been little push for major brands to try out new variations on roulette—until recent years.

Now, established iGaming companies that offer a range of popular games, from slots to baccarat, also offer cutting-edge variations on roulette. Betway, for example, offers French, European, American, multiplayer, live, and even auto-reel roulette options for gamers.

But there’s a new variation emerging, which looks to multiply the excitement. Just like some companies are offering multi-hand poker and blackjack, some casinos have rolled out a multi-wheel version of roulette.

The only question is, will it be popular with gamers?

Up To Eight Wheels

Multi-wheel roulette can be played in either an American or European format. A player can also choose how many wheels they’d like to use. At the moment, some brands offer up to eight wheels that will spin simultaneously. The idea is that a player can win a payout with a single spin of multiple wheels, as a single bet will be applied to each roulette wheel.

This means that a roulette gamer can rake in eight times the winnings with a single bet—or go through their bankroll quicker than anticipated. This contrasts with how some players prefer to stake their bets in roulette, as it’s popular to place multiple bets across the board for a single spin on one wheel.

Rehashing the Formula

Long-time roulette fans who opt to try a new multi-wheel formula will need to rehash their current strategies, as most that were created for roulette are based on a single-wheel formula. For some players, this might be a rewarding aspect of multi-wheel roulette, as it will challenge them to tweak their strategies, from d’Alembert to block betting, in favour of a new format.

Aside from rehashing formulas with new theories, one of the biggest challenges for virtual multi-wheel roulette is its lack of social interaction. As mentioned above, the roulette table at a brick-and-mortar casino is one of the most lively and exciting places to be on the floor. But that’s a hard atmosphere to emulate in an online setting—and even more difficult to do in a virtual one.

Live & Multiplayer Roulette Still King

Though multi-reel roulette is one of the latest evolutions of the virtual game, not all brands have picked up the title. As mentioned above, the social aspect of online roulette has become one of the most important features for an online casino to roll out. Multiplayer roulette options are still one of the most popular ways for remote players to game with others and enjoy a simulation of a real-life roulette experience.

The brand mentioned above, Betway, highlights the importance of this style of roulette. The company lets roulette players see one another place their bets live and communicate with them in a live chatroom.

Speaking of live, another challenge multi-wheel roulette will face in gaining a foothold with long-time gamers is the availability of a real dealer. Live roulette, like other live casino games, is hosted via video links in which dealers directly emulate a live experience. They accept bets, spin the wheel, call out the winning number and color, then clear the table.

With HD live streaming available, this is the closest a virtual gamer can come to a brick-and-mortar casino experience. Unsurprisingly, it’s become one of the biggest trends in online roulette. Should multi-wheel roulette become popular enough, some casino brands may look to launch a live variation in order to appeal to long-time roulette fans.

For now, variations such as American, European, French, multiplayer, and live roulette are the staples for established gamers.

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