Why Some High-Rollers Choose To Play At Live Casinos

If you are looking to play roulette games and placing some hefty stakes, the days when you just headed for the local casino are over. Now high-rollers are discovering new ways of trying to win huge cash prizes and they don’t even need to leave their own homes.

The desire to play online has increased because of the emergence of live casinos. Those high-rollers who enjoyed their regular trips to casinos were often disappointed with the online version. Playing video games may have been profitable but it just wasn’t the same as going to a casino.

The arrival of Live Casinos

There just wasn’t the personal touch when just pressing buttons and hoping for the best. Online casino operators are always eager to improve their product and as a result, attract new customers. The introduction of live casinos has played a huge part in that.

The opportunity to play poker, baccarat and blackjack video games is still there but the introduction of live casinos has revolutionized the way people play online. Even better for high-rollers, there is the ability to wager large amounts on some of the live casino tables.

Online casinos now offer their growing number of members an experience that is almost like playing which are the best then there is plenty of help available online. See CasinoGuide’s recommended live casinos page for their list of recommended casinos.

Live Dealers

Replicating the live casino experience when playing online sees live dealers in charge of the games. The games are set in an environment that is just like that you’ll experience down at your local casino. You can see the live dealer preparing for the next game. If it’s blackjack you are playing, then you can see the dealer getting a new deck of cards ready. 

You can often see other tables in the background just as you would when playing in a real casino. With the ability to interact with the live dealer, it’s easy to see why these live casinos are attracting more and more players.

Virtual Reality

Technology is continually making strides and changing the way we play casino games. The introduction of virtual reality casino spaces is another exciting addition. Now it’s possible to use a virtual reality headset to give you a casino experience you never imagined you’d have. It may be virtual reality but don’t worry, any winnings that you earn are 100% real.

All that is required for this experience is a power computer and a virtual reality headset, such as an Oculus rift. These don’t come cheap but highrollers should be able to afford them to further enhance their live casino experience. Thankfully, the initial price of these headsets is slowly falling. Hopefully in time most of us will be able to afford them.

HD Video Streams

HD Video streams are also becoming available for online casino players. The increase in internet speeds is helping this develop this. Previously the lower speeds available meant it wasn’t possible to handle all the required data. That’s changing now and as a result, the live casino gambling experience is getting better all the time.

The provision of live action is becoming a must for online casinos. It’s a highly competitive market and no provider wants to be left behind. More and more sites are offering live casinos, soon it will become a thing of the past when a site doesn’t offer this.

More and More Games

As the competition hots up, online casinos are realising that to attract even more customers, they need to offer something a little bit different. The providing of obscure games is one way they are achieving this. Rather than just giving highrollers the opportunity to play the standard version of a game such as poker, they are offering games such as five-o-Poker or Chinese Poker.

Look Out for the Bonuses

Bonuses and promotions are another way in which online casinos are attracting highrollers. Attractive welcome offers that can reach four figures are available. Always check the terms and conditions attached to these offers. Online casinos also offer a steady stream of promotions that see you making even more profits.

Get the App

Being able to download an app is another attraction for customers. This means you will be able to play in the live casino wherever you are and whenever you want. Some online casinos have special offers that are exclusive to those using their app.

What Next?

With technology continually advancing it’s going to be fascinating to see how online live casinos will change in the coming years. More Virtual Reality games could be available or there could be something completely new just around the corner. Whatever happens, it’s likely that more and more high-rollers will be heading to online live casinos.

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