What are the key similarities between roulette and slot games?

Playing casino games is something that is as popular now as it has ever been. While land-based casinos still have lots to attract players, it is the steady growth of the online casino sector that has made headlines in recent years. This saw the online casino industry being worth almost $70bn in 2020 and it is predicted to expand to a market size of over $90bn by 2023. When you dig a bit deeper, there are many reasons for the rise of online casino gaming.

The sheer convenience it offers to players is certainly one, as is the range of awesome bonuses iGaming sites give out to players. The range of online casino sites you can play at now is also a big plus. This not only includes real money sites but also social casinos. These social casinos are perfect if you do not want to play with real money, or if real money casinos are not legal in your region. As this review of the LuckyLand Slots platform shows, social casinos are great fun to play at and offer a different way of gaming online.

Another reason for the popularity of online gaming right now is the choice of cool games to play. Roulette, of course, is one of the best and a game with a long history behind it. Slot games are also a well-known type of game and one that shares some similarities with roulette. But what might they be?

Easy to find

One of the key similarities between slots and roulette is how accessible they are. As two of the most well-loved casino games around, you should not have trouble finding them to play. Whether it is real money or social casinos, both are staples of the industry and sites will usually carry both games.

This is easy to understand from a casino’s point of view – all casinos will focus on carrying games that people want to play, which people know and which people are familiar with. Both games tick these boxes and this explains why all casinos tend to offer them.

Exciting and fun

Everyone knows that roulette is one of the most exciting and glamorous casino games around. There is nothing quite like working out which bet to place, putting it on and then watching as the ball spins around the wheel. In addition, roulette also uses vibrant colors, such as red, black and green in its design, which make it visually appealing.

Slots also put great effort into being exciting to play and this is another similarity between them. Most slot games, for example, will use bright colors to entice players and striking visuals to engage gamers. When you add in the excitement of spinning the reels and waiting to see if you are in luck, it gets even better.

Both are games of chance

Slot games and roulette are also very similar in terms of how they work and how much influence players have over the result. In short, both are games of chance and players have no involvement in the actual outcome of a bet. In roulette, for example, players have no influence whatsoever on which number comes up when the wheel is spun.

Slots don’t allow for gamers to have any input on what symbols come up when the reels are spun. This is not to say players of either game cannot use strategy to help them win, though. In roulette, for instance, players can use top roulette systems to tip the odds in their favor. Slot fans can also employ tactics like picking high RTP games to do the same.

Roulette and slot games are easy to grasp

Humans love things that are easy to understand. This can be seen in how popular instruments which are simple to learn are or why we enjoy games like tag far longer than most of us should. When it comes to slots and roulette, both are easy to pick up. Although there are some basics to grasp (such as which symbols pay out most on slots or how different bets work in roulette), it is all pretty simple. This is great news for anyone who does not want to try a casino game that is too complex.

Slots and roulette have much in common

There is no doubt that both these classic casino games have a lot in common. Although you might not think so at first glance, their similarities are easy to see when you look closer. If you love playing roulette currently but sometimes fancy trying out another casino games, slots could well be your best option.

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