Visual ballistics roulette prediction methods

The free basic visual ballistics method I provided in this course was “cutting-edge” and effective on most wheels, 20 years ago. Today is different and it is effective on only about 4% of wheels. However, my full system is effective on approximately 30% of modern wheels. You can still profit from the free system, but mostly it is a trial of what I teach.

Although generally I’m not a fan of visual ballistics because if you are going to bet after ball release, you are far better to use a roulette computer. It’s like comparing a bicycle to a car – one may be free to run, but the other is much quicker and easier.

Are more advanced visual ballistics methods better?

There are countless different visual ballistics methods. Sellers of such methods claim their methods are more accurate, but the reality is differences are insignificant, and here’s a few reasons why:

Firstly, the more accurate approaches are more difficult to apply, and this means you make more mistakes. Those mistakes reduce your accuracy. The result is you try harder without an increased edge.

And secondly, most of them require you to either have a consistent rotor speed, or to accurately estimate rotor speed. Without the help of a computer or timing device, it is too difficult to know the difference between a rotor spinning at 3500ms or 3000ms per revolution. Usually you can only comfortably know the difference within about 1000ms accuracy. The errors in your visual calculations and estimates cause errors in accuracy, and this again means that although you try harder with more advanced methods, your overall accuracy is not increased.

So in theory only, other visual ballistics methods are more accurate than the free method I provided. Of course though, if you become a master at more advanced methods, you can increase your accuracy. I can teach you these upon request. But the level of skill you’ll need is unrealistic for the average professional player. In the real world, it is critical that your system be easy and practical enough. While I teach my players a variety of methods that beat roulette, I always tell them to keep it simple and find a balance between the required accuracy and practicality. This is exactly what my JAA auto analysis software allows you to do in the simplest and most automated way possible.

You can get a free visual ballistics course by clicking the free trial link on The free trial includes clear instructional videos that explain a simple visual ballistics method.

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