Teaching The Best Winning Roulette System

When I first started teaching my system to beat roulette, I faced the following problems:

Balancing the Need for Secrets and Disclosure

Keeping secrets is not just for my benefit because if secrets leaked, casinos would use them against players as they’d be better able to identify when a wheel is vulnerable. I could never fully trust some players to keep secrets to themselves, but at the same time, my players were paying me for a winning system so I needed a way to be fair to both sides. Therefore I split the system into two parts. The first part was simply an ebook that explained basic methods that worked as promised, but had limitations not shared by the advanced methods. This is called the “primordials”, because it is more the basic methods.

The second part of the system required players to send me spins for analysis, then I would send them back “custom variant betting charts” that were basically the result of my more sophisticated methods. This arrangement worked well until I had more players than I had time for, which led to the next problem. So I was forced to either stop taking new players or find a better solution.

Lack of Time

Each wheel analysis for players took me anywhere from 10-30 minutes, which took far too much of my time. So for a while I stopped taking new players. This didn’t change the fact that I was very busy doing wheel analysis for existing players, so I began to have parts of my software created into one convenient program that players can access online. This software was particularly helpful for players that I disclosed some of the advanced methods to, but many players had no access to additional parts. I didn’t know most players well enough to trust with sensitive elements, so I only taught most players basic but still effective methods. This was still not the ideal situation though because I wanted all players to benefit equally. I have always felt very strongly about ensuring the success of my players, but I had to deal with a lack of time to help players.

Different Learning Rates Between Players

I found players who barely spoke English often struggled to succeed. This was primarily because of a communication barrier between us. I could have taught them everything I know, but it wouldn’t have been understood. Likewise, different players learned at different rates. Some players learned new information virtually instantly, while other struggled for months to learn even basic concepts.

The Solution to All Problems: The JAA Software

I managed to solve almost all of the above problems by releasing the JAA software which is the automated software my players now use to analyze their data from wheels.

Features and Benefits of the JAA Software

* Very easy to use: it automatically analyzes data for players and provides the custom variant betting charts. The player simply enters the required data about the wheel, and clicks “Auto Analysis”. If there is something missing from the data, the player is notified. This has made it so anyone can equally benefit from my system, even new players.

* Players are able to use the more advanced methods without needing to develop trust with me. Previously players claimed I kept secrets too close to my chest for them to receive the full benefits. And they were right. But now players can fully benefit from my system AND keep the secrets safe. The software allows me to monitor all access to it and control who has access.

* Players don’t need to wait for betting charts from me. They can create them without my help.

Requirements for My JAA System

The exact requirements for the software are only known to players, but the basic requirements are outlined below:

STEP 1 – Collecting winning numbers

Collect data about each spin such as winning numbers. Use the pencil and paper casinos provide. You need to record approximately 100 spins for each wheel direction, and this is done ONCE for each wheel. While doing this you use my simplistic system that allows you break even while blending into the crowd. This part takes a few hours but it’s only done ONCE for each wheel. You can collect data over multiple days if required.

STEP 2 – Use the Automated Software to Analyze The Spins

Now you enter the data into the software we provide. You can do this at home, or on a mobile phone or portable computer just outside the casino. The software AUTOMATICALLY analyzes your data, then gives you convenient betting charts that tell you exactly when and where to bet. Write the chart data on the paper the casino provides, then start playing at the wheel. When you play on a different day, you just conduct a few quick checks to ensure the wheel hasn’t changed, then resume play without delay. The betting charts are very simple and make knowing where to bet very quick and easy. They can be memorized if needed. An example is it may tell you when the winning number is 32, and specific “conditions” are present, then your next bets are 21,3,14,16,1,33.

In addition to the JAA software, my players receive an incredible array of bonus tools to help them beat roulette, ranging from free roulette computers to covert technology to collect data from wheels. The development of new tools and technology is ongoing and at my expense to ensure success of players. My players quickly learn that the only real limit to winnings is how much they can win without being detected.

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