Stay Safe While Playing Live Roulette

Among the various casino games, roulette has been one of the most preferred forms of gambling for centuries now. The main reason is probably the possibility of high payouts. In fact, you can get up to 35 times the money you originally bet. Classic casinos in a physical form still attract quite a number of gamblers. However, in this day and age, online casinos are becoming more and more popular. Not only can you play an automated version of roulette at online casinos but the majority of serious online gambling providers offer roulette with live-dealers. Before beginning to play though, you should find out as much as possible about live roulette.

Playing at online casinos can also be a risky business. The proliferation of casino offers on the Internet has given the idea to quite a few scammers to make money quickly. Nevertheless, not all online casinos are dubious. To help you choose the right place to bet your money, take a look at websites that specialize in testing and rating different roulette offers online. Other ways to ensure that your roulette playing experience is safe and enjoyable will be revealed in this article.

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Check whether the online casino is licensed

Before signing up at the online casino of your choice, you should verify whether the online gaming provider is licensed. A serious online casino platform will publish the origin and number of its gaming license directly on the homepage.

Various gambling authorities around the world regulate online casinos, but the most respectable ones seem to be in the United Kingdom and Malta. The UK Gambling Commission, for example, regulates online gambling services and ensures the safety of gamblers in the UK. This regulating body that can issue and revoke licenses as well as impose fines. In fact, at the “Raising Standards” conference in 2017, the UK Gambling Commission decided to put even more emphasis on its motto of “keeping gambling fair and safe for all”. Operators of online gambling services were warned to keep terms and conditions as comprehensive as possible for customers. For you as a player, this translates into even more safety when gambling online.

Regarding the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA), it is well-known to be strict and structured. The objective is to protect punters in Europe. It is the duty of the MGA to promote gaming in a safe environment by making sure that games and devices are not corrupted. Therefore, you can rest assured if the online casino you want to play roulette at is regulated in Malta or the UK.

How to play live roulette safely

The first thing that you should know is that there are different types of roulette wheels. The most common ones are the European and the American ones. Both wheels contain 36 numbers and one zero. In addition, the American wheel has a double zero. This means that in the case of the European wheel, the house is given an edge of 2.7%, whereas the American wheel provides an edge of approximately 5.25%. As a player, you should make sure to choose the European roulette since this system works more in your favour.

Another thing that you should keep in mind is that the roulette wheel cannot be interfered with. As a rule, no projections can be made based on previous spins of the roulette wheel. Every spin is independent, reason why speaking of a betting strategy is almost irrelevant in this case.

However, in order to play safely and not risk losing too much money, you should develop a betting system or pattern. Refrain from placing a large amount on one specific number. It would be better to bet small amounts on various numbers. In fact, most roulette specialists recommend wagering your money on Red/Black, Odd/Even and 1-18/19-36 combinations, because this seems to be more profitable in the long run.

Most importantly, set yourself some limits and respect them. Do not get caught up in the betting fever and risk losing all of your savings once the odds are not in your favour anymore. A good tip is to always keep a part of your winnings, especially if you have a lucky streak, and increase your stake only a little each time.

Advantages of live roulette

In order to enjoy playing roulette as if you were at a brick-and-mortar casino, and feel safe while doing so, you should know a little bit more about how online live roulette works and what its advantages are.

Basically, live roulette is very similar to any other type of roulette, except that you have the combination of having a croupier dealing live for you and you can conveniently do so at home or anywhere on the go, as long as you have an Internet connection. Most online casinos now offer this modern and realistic application to recreate the same thrill felt at physical casinos. You can simply interact with dealers in real time and see your wagers being placed via live-streaming technology. This type of gaming offers an attractive alternative to traditional casinos.

A key advantage of playing live roulette online is the time you save, as well as the costs. Getting to a casino implies transportation costs and the casino itself might charge an entrance fee. The money you save can be used for playing roulette online for a longer period or placing higher stakes.

Your surroundings are also important when betting money. At home, you have the possibility of defining your environment: Play alone or against other players. If you are in need of human interaction, you can also communicate with other gamblers. In addition, online roulette is available at any time of day or night so you can play at your own convenience. Let that live roulette spin whenever you feel like it!

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Live roulette technology ensures safety

Nowadays, online casinos use state-of-the-art technology when it comes to live roulette. Advanced computer and Internet technology make it possible for dealers to interact directly with players on the screen. The most sophisticated webcasting technology is used. This fact is extremely important when it comes to your safety as a player. It is not possible for the live dealer to trick or scam you since all gestures, movements and words are instantly captured with advanced video cameras. The room where the dealer works is completely monitored.

Furthermore, Random Number Generation (RNG) is used by the majority of serious online casinos to mimic a random outcome. A random sequence of numbers with no logical pattern is generated by this system, so that every spin of the roulette wheel cannot be predicted. This also ensures that the roulette game is fair and safe for you as a player. Therefore, RNGs make the online gaming experience extremely credible.

Some online casinos even offer Immersive Roulette which was developed by Evolution Gaming. This particular roulette playing experience offers various camera angles (up to 200 frames per second) and HD video streaming, so you can literally see the ball dropping in slow motion. This truly gives you the feeling that you are right in the middle of the action. The next step for live roulette might just be virtual reality since online gaming is constantly evolving!

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