The Platinum Roulette System


The platinum roulette system is primarily designed for red and black, but it can still be used on even chance bets like odds and evens.

Basically after you lose, you bet double the previous amount on the same event, whether it be odds of evens, reds, blacks or whatever. If you’re a professional player, already you’ll see a problem but I’ll explain it later.

If you win, you return to your original bet of one unit.

So basically it’s a betting progression where you keep increasing bets until you win, then you go back to the start of the system.

Why This System Doesn’t Work

The first problem is it it simply a bet staking plan. It does not at all consider where the ball will land, as a true winning system does. Why would the ball land on red instead of black? There may be a reason, but certainly the size of your bet is not even remotely related.

All the platinum system does is vary bet size. Each spin is completely independent, and the wheel doesn’t sit and think “hmm I think a win for this guy is due now”. The winning number is what it is because of real physical variables.

What Does Work?

You can only beat roulette by predicting the winning number, which is determined by roulette wheel physics. The best methods that do this are revealed on the home page.

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