Online Casino and Roulette Scams

If you are an enthusiast of playing at online casinos, especially roulette, avoiding scams is probably your most important concern. Especially if you are trying to get the most out of the online betting offer. Unfortunately, you are not the only one who wants to make money quickly and easily. There is a large number of dubious offers on the Internet that are so professionally set up that you can simply fall into their traps.

When it comes to roulette scams, there are different ways that you can become the victim of a scam. Risking your hard earned money should be avoided at all costs. You should be able to enjoy betting and playing roulette at online casinos without worrying. The majority of top online betting providers are safe places where you can, but like in any business, there are also some black sheep. Not only can you find scams at casinos, there are many different ways to be fooled when you wish to play roulette online.

Select the right casino

You want to play roulette comfortably at home but you are not sure which offers are trustworthy? So many online casinos have been established over the last decade or so that it might be difficult to pick a respectable one. There is a myriad of websites that have specialised in analysing online casino offers such as roulette. Having a look at their reviews will save you the precious time you would spend researching each online casino offer one by one.

Serious casinos will normally offer a variety of free games so that potential customers or newcomers to the gambling world can try out their offer. This portfolio usually includes a selection of free online roulette games. As such, you can gain experience playing without spending any money. You see, not all online gambling providers are in this business to rip you off.

A simple way to make sure that the casino of your choice is serious is to have a look at the bottom of their homepage and check where (or whether) the casino is licensed. Gambling authorities in various European countries issue such licenses to casinos that meet very strict requirements. The most renowned ones are Malta, Gibraltar, the Isle of Man and the UK. Respectable online betting providers will even publish their license number. Of course, just because someone puts a license number on their website, this does not mean that it is a real one. However, this can be easily checked by looking it up on the website of the gaming authority in question. For players in the United Kingdom, the UK Gambling Commission is your best bet.

Other ways to ensure that the casino is a safe place to play roulette is to examine carefully the services provided by the website. You should try contacting the customer service. Real providers will have different methods to enter in contact with them and the response time will be quick. A large selection of payment methods is also an indication that even financial institutions trust this particular casino.

Scattered bets throughout the roulette table.

Typical online casino and roulette scams

Online Casino bonus

This is probably the most common scam for roulette players. The majority of casino welcome bonuses entice players to sign up by offering free slots. It should be made clear here that the majority of bonuses are not aimed at roulette players. Why is that so? Roulette is seen as an easy way to complete rollover requirements so in most cases it is not eligible.

Accepting a bonus might seem like a great opportunity to get some free gambling time, but what you must consider is that such a welcome offer is almost always linked with wagering requirements that must be fulfilled before you can withdraw any winnings. A lot of casinos will lock your account until all terms and conditions have been met, no matter how much money you have deposited after opting for the bonus.

The best to do then it to completely avoid casino bonuses if what you really want to do is just play roulette. You have to tell the casino specifically that you do not wish to obtain any bonuses before depositing any funds into your betting account. Avoid the bonuses, avoid the hassle stay clear of possible scams.

Long processing time for payouts

At the majority of leading online casinos, you can withdraw your funds on the same day. However, some casinos have implemented long processing time or pending periods when you wish to have your winnings paid out. This can take up to a week in some cases and there is no real reason for this extended waiting period.

One reason behind this strategy is that hopefully you will lose patience and cancel the withdrawal to continue playing with your funds in the end. You might even lose all of your money if you keep on gambling. In some cases, the casinos never even meant to pay you out and the next time you wish to log in, the online casino has disappeared overnight, and your money as well.

Rigged software

One of the main concerns of online casino players is that the software used for the games and slots is rigged. This is particularly true when you suddenly begin to lose every game after having had a winning streak. Bad luck does not necessarily equal fraud. The majority of top online casinos use software platforms that are secure and it is almost impossible to cheat with them, such as the brands Playtech and Microgaming. Nevertheless, dubious online casinos can easily get their hands on any software and manipulate it. This is why you should play only at reputable casinos.

Roulette systems

If you enter “roulette system” into a Google search, you will certainly find thousands of websites offering you the optimal roulette tips. Now, logically thinking, if all of those systems worked, then online casinos would be bankrupt. Some systems work, others don’t. Once again, you will also find warnings online about such fraudulent systems.

Here are a few of these roulette system scams:

Martingale Roulette System: This is probably one of the oldest system scams that you will find online. Technically, the Martingale is not a scam because it clearly highlights the losing odds, the money you may lose and the long-term risk of such a strategy. Nevertheless, the scam arises when the website claims that this system can be used for winning money easily because it takes advantage of a flaw found at some online casino roulette wheels. This is how these websites trick you into signing up at the casinos where they say you can win.

Fake Testimonials: Since there are so many different roulette systems explained on the Internet, most people will try to find someone who has actually used this system and won real money with it. Very often such testimonials are even videotaped. However, the majority are not real and you can normally realize this by taking a closer look at the quality of the video itself.

Trigger numbers: “100% guaranteed to win” – sounds too good to be true? Well, it is a scam. In the case of trigger numbers, you will be asked to buy a system which makes you win every time. Of course, the demonstration is done using free roulette games and it normally works. But when you start using real money, the system fails. By that time, you have lost the money you “invested” into this system. Such offers are quite common on YouTube or temporary websites set up just to fool you.

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