Mike Caro Roulette System – An Honest Review

Mike Caro is a professional poker player.  I wont profess to know everything about him but as far as I can tell, he has no significant experience with winning roulette systems. He states that besides the possibility of measuring the rotor and ball speed in roulette, roulette cannot be beaten (the use of roulette computers or visual ballistics). And he states roulette computers are “better in theory than practice”, insinuating they don’t really work for real. Tell that to the Ritz casino who had three players win £1.3M in 3 days, but that’s just one example. He really doesn’t know what he’s talking about but for now I’ll address his system.

Does Mike’s Roulette System Reduce The House Edge?

If you carefully consider the rules of his roulette system, he leaves you with no numbers left to bet. So his system doesn’t really exist. He is just trying to make a point that you can’t beat roulette. The problem is he really doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

Before I continue, below are his system’s rules:

The System Rules and Bets

  • Stick to inside numbers
  • Don’t bet on the zero
  • Don’t bet on odd red numbers
  • Don’t bet on “even black numbers”
  • Bet only on even red or odd black numbers
  • Exclude the number 30, and the group of consecutive numbers from 11 to 14

Again the system is not real. It is just his way of saying roulette can’t be beaten.

If Mike did proper research, he’d know that not only can roulette be beaten, but it is the most profitable casino game. How is this possible? One example is the European roulette house edge is a small -2.7%. It’s double on the double zero American wheel. But a roulette computer device is capable of achieving a player edge of over 100%. This doesn’t mean you will win on 100% of spins. I’m referring to the actual player edge, in the same kind of terms when the house edge is discussed.

Need proof? See one of my last public roulette computer demonstrations where I publicly demonstrated an edge of over +120%.

In all my public demonstrations, I always split the demonstration into two halves. The first half is to build data showing how far the ball lands from the un-tuned prediction. Then in the second half, I show the accuracy of tuned predictions. All data for the analysis is shown to demonstration attendees, and they can see everything with their own eyes. And certainly I don’t use old wheels or easy conditions. You can see the wheel and ball in any of my videos. There are no tricks – just plain physics and well designed roulette computers.

Is 120%+ edge possible with Poker, Blackjack or any other casino game? Not at all, well unless you use technology to see through cards, which I have developed too. It can be implemented in real casinos but it is highly illegal, and there’s no reason to break any laws when already my teams have the roulette computers that beat almost every roulette wheel.

Every day I come across someone who doesn’t believe roulette can be beaten and I point them to the truth, and it’s up to them if they want to research basic facts or not. Roulette is being beaten every day by players who know better. I very rarely come across a wheel that cannot be beaten one way or another. It is more a matter of whether or not a wheel is practical to beat. For example, EVERY wheel I’ve come across exhibits predictable patterns to some degree. That is you can predict where the ball will land, if you can obtain the wheel and ball speeds and predict the spin outcome at 15-20 seconds before the ball falls. That’s ample time to get your bets down. But if the dealer calls no more bets immediately after ball release, then there may not be time for the roulette computer to obtain the timings. The quickest predictions can be obtained by a roulette computer is with the use of the hybrid roulette computer explained at www.hybridroulettecomputer.com, and it can get predictions 1-3 seconds after ball release.

If the player cannot bet after ball release, then a different method of prediction must be used. Our system basically uses the same physical principles as roulette computers, but links the variables to spin outcomes. There is nothing voodoo about it – it’s plain physics. What makes it special is the software which typically makes 4 billion calculations for around every 300 spins it analyzes. These calculations are necessary because roulette is a very dynamic game. Specifically if one variable changes, everything else can be and usually is affected. So the behavior of the roulette wheel in relation to winning numbers and variables must be correctly and dynamically modeled.

At various roulette forums, I’ve seen many people question the validity of my approaches. These are people that do not have my system – they speculate. And because they don’t know much about it, they assume it must be a scam. Then later I see the same people touch on the physics that my system utilizes, albeit their understanding is incomplete and uni-dimensional. The physics of beating roulette with predictions before ball release is only beginning to be understood by casinos too. Some casino consultants know it is being done, and they know it is possible, but they do not yet know or believe that such a wide variety of wheels are vulnerable to attack. The fact is around 30% of modern wheels can be beaten and are practical to beat in today’s casinos. Specifically almost every wheel can be beaten under common conditions. But only around 30% of the wheels are also practical to beat. The thing that most makes a wheel impractical to play on is that it spins too infrequently. And infrequently is only once every 5 minutes or so. Professional play on such a tediously slow wheel will take a long time, and this makes play impractical for my JAA system as it can take about 3 days to collect the required data. Considering what it earns, it’s still a lot better than a 9-5 job. On wheels that spin once every 1-2 minutes, the required data can be collected in 8-10 hours, and once you have the data, you can usually resume play on each day with relatively little extra data collection.

Back to my original point though. Very often I see self-professed experts make various incredibly ignorant and incorrect statements about roulette. The fact that roulette is being widely beaten even today is not widely accepted, yet. But one of my favorite quotes is “All truth passes through three stages. First it is ridiculed. Second it is violently opposed. And finally it is accepted as being self-evident.”

Should any “professionals” want to dispute the validity of my roulette prediction methods, or debate the fact that roulette is by far the most profitable casino game, publicly challenge me and attend my next public demonstration. It can be done either in person or live via webcam.

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