Is a Scam?

“Competitors” and people we’ve banned on our roulette forums have posted numerous fake negative reviews about myself, and Natural Laboratories Pty Ltd.

Most false information is a blatant distortion of factual information. So how do you know which reviews are legitimate? Do proper research. The people posting false information don’t expect you to dig deeper.

Learn more at (read the entire website to fully understand the motives and behavior of various people posting false reviews). Our success has made us a target.

How To Know The Truth

The false reviews about us (Natural Laboratories Pty Ltd) are elaborate and manipulative. You could waste days reading everything and still not know the truth. Alternatively, take the following easier options to know the truth:

For the ROULETTE SYSTEM (advantage play methods)

  • Join my free course. It explains “advantage play” and includes various free systems you can test: Free roulette course

  • Test my software for yourself (full version for 7-days). Validation can’t be more direct: Take 7-day trial

  • Google “advantage play” and “roulette wheel physics”. Also research “casino game protection”. What casinos do to protect themselves gives clues about what worries them, and what really works

  • Call or visit me personally, even if only to better understand me. Contact me


  • See an in-person or live webcam demo on any wheel you want. Do whatever testing you want in a full day: Book a demo.

  • See independent test results of my computers: I sent a free computer to an independent and unbiased tester chosen by the public. They validated my claims. See their report.

  • See a recording of a previous public group demo with +120% edge demonstrated: See video on Youtube.

  • Aim a webcam at any wheel via Skype (including live online casinos), and I’ll predict the spins with my computers. We can do this for a whole day on any wheel you want. Request a demo.

  • Watch numerous secretly recorded videos of real casino sessions from players (with player permission). You even see the roulette computer’s software track the wheel location with computer vision technology, and automatically track the ball and green zero, then predict the spins. Book a demo to see.

  • Watch LIVE video of a real casino session with our players (requires the player’s permission first). Book a demo to see.

  • Join my private teams and pay me $0.00 up-front. Pay only based on the performance of the computers: See details

Take these simple options, then the false allegations against me count for nothing.

But if you’re interested in all the irrelevant manipulative nonsense published about me, more details are here. But you could waste days investigating it all, and still wont know what to believe. It makes more sense for you to focus on what actually matters.

Further Information

  • Approximately 95% of the false negative reviews of Natural Laboratories Pty Ltd are from “competitors”, who use fake names to pretend they purchased our technology. This includes “competitors”, people I’ve banned for trolling on my forums, and even owners of competing gambling forums.

  • Approximately 1% of reviews are from legitimate players. I’ve worked with over 1,200 players in the past 15+ years, and of course some are bound to not understand the technology. The vast majority of players agree our technology is as we claim, but you they don’t post positive reviews because they’d rather keep it to themselves.

Again you don’t need to waste time reading all details about the false negative reviews and manipulative nonsense. Any serious player can easily get all the proof they want. This includes a thorough demonstration on any wheel you want. If you prefer, start by calling us – even if only to better understand who we are.