Is Online Roulette is Now King?

Where do you play roulette? If you’re reading this right now, then there’s a strong possibility that you play the majority of your roulette sessions online (because you’re already spending time online).

If this is the case, then you’re certainly not alone as the iGaming industry is now worth more than $45 billion annually. In fact, if you look at the statistics for a country such as Canada, you can see that over time net revenue from government-run gambling has steadily increased for both live and online betting.

Leading the way in terms of representation and participation in the online casino area over the last 16 years is roulette. Thanks to an array of innovations and options, players of all persuasions are now able to find a variant that suits their playing style, budget and skill level. Indeed, online roulette at 32Red CA, Mr Smith and any other online platform is now as varied as it is engaging.

For example, when it comes to online roulette for Canadian players you’ll be presented with nine different roulette options, ranging from virtual tables with bets starting at $0.10, to live dealer tables where you can stake in excess of $1,000 per spin. Whether it’s Europe Roulette Gold or Multi-Player Diamond Edition, there is a wide range of ways for players to spin.

The point here is that online roulette is now the premier medium for playing the game. While there is still a huge amount of appeal in the live roulette world, the internet is gradually taking over thanks to its ability to fit all shapes and sizes.

The State of Online Roulette

If we take a quick tour through the gamut of gaming options currently available across the network of operators, you’ll find roulette offered in the following guises:

Virtual Roulette: The scene where it all started, virtual roulette tables uses verified random number generators and a series of animations to mimic the dynamics of a real game.

The reason these games have become popular with serious players is that they all let you play for a variety of stakes (for example you can wager between $0.10 and $1,000+ at 32Red) and spin more than 100 times per hour (as you’re playing as a single person). This set-up is great for a professional’s bottom-line as it allows them to see more action than they would in a live game.

Multi-Player Roulette Game: Following the popularity of single player virtual roulette, developers such as Microgaming, Playtech and Canadian social casino developers such as 3oak Gaming have since created multi-player games.

Operating in the same way as single player games except with more players, these games capture the social aspect of the roulette world and have since become the choice for recreational players with a greater interest in entertainment over profit.

Multi-Wheel Roulette: Regarded as something of a novelty in the iGaming arena, multi-wheel roulette tables basically do what a live casino never could. They offer more than one wheel per table. For example, when you open any multi-wheel games you’ll find eight wheels each bearing the standard markings for a game of European roulette (0 to 36).

Betting starts at $1 and you can choose to enable or disable as many wheels as you like (you must have at least one activated) which means your bet will be multiplied by the number of wheels in play. In addition to providing more ways for you to win, these games have basically given players a break from the norm. They are an option that provides a slightly different playing experience when you’re tired of the same old thing. But be careful to properly understand the differences in odds and payouts, so you understand your edge.

Live Dealer Roulette: By far the most impressive innovation in the online roulette world in recent years, and perhaps the reason it’s now the dominant medium, is live dealer tables. Connecting online players to real croupiers and dealers through RFID chips and webcams, these tables are almost the perfect setting for roulette.

Because webcams offer a window into a real casino and the opportunity for a two-way conversation, players can enjoy a more authentic experience. Conversely, because the betting takes place online, the speed at which wagers can be placed and payouts can be calculated is markedly quicker than it is in a live setting.

Essentially, these games offer the best of both worlds and the perfect medium for players of all persuasions.

The Future of Online Roulette

Possibly the most significant reason online roulette has overtaken live roulette as the go-to option for recreational players is the medium’s innate ability to innovate. Unlike live casinos that are restricted to their current set-ups, online platforms can try new things almost at will.

Continuing this trend in September of 2015 was Microgaming. The software developer previewed its virtual reality technology at the annual ICE Gaming Exhibition and subsequently won an award for innovation of the year. Using Oculus Rift and Leap Motion technology, Microgaming created a VR roulette game that literally put players at the heart of the action.

This is undoubtedly the direction online casinos will be heading in the coming years and the reason why more people will ante-up online. The novelty of donning a VR headset and sitting down at a virtual roulette table is one that will truly offer the perfect blend of “live” and “online” action and that’s something recreational roulette players will find hard to resist.

Article by: Adam

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