Is Advantage Play Possible At Online Casinos?

The Internet is rapidly changing. What was true 10 years ago is not necessarily true today. I began my presence online way back in 1999. Google was only just created. So I’ve been around since the early days, and have seen the Internet evolve into what it is today.

In this article we’ll discuss where the internet is headed with respect to advantage play. Specifically I’ll address the future of advantage play online.

In a Digital World, Casinos Have Near-Full Control

For professional players, I’ve always advised play against digital games, because they’re ultimately random number generators rather than physical games you can exploit. Take digital roulette for example, where there’s no physical wheel. It’s just a roulette animation on a computer. It may as well be a digital dart board. It’s just not roulette.

Can you win against a random number generator? It depends on what you call “winning”. Sure you can win, but beating the game is different. To beat a game means to consistently win more than you lose, and to achieve this by exploiting the mechanism that determines the winning number. In roulette, this means the physical wheel and ball. In RNG roulette, the mechanism is a random number generator. And you can only exploit it using methods that simply aren’t practical in real life.

Nevertheless, players players (gamblers) are not interested in the details about what does and doesn’t really work. Their focus is more on bonuses and perks, with websites like listing them.

Reputable online casinos do not control the game outcomes. But they determine the algorithms used to determine game outcomes. Usually to obtain a gaming license, the game outcomes must be determined by certified fair and random mechanisms. That means the casino has no ability to make you win or lose. It all comes down to random chance.

However, it’s a different matter with physical gaming equipment like wheels. This is because they’re subject to wear and tear that inevitably make spins more predictable. Spins don’t need to be highly predictable. In fact they rarely are, despite roulette being beaten. An advantage player only needs results to be slightly more predictable than random.

The increasing push to all things digital means there are fewer opportunities for advantage players. Still an increasing amount of players don’t trust strictly digital games. After all, anything can happen in a digital world. And gambler’s are quite a superstitious and distrustful bunch. This is why many online players will only ever trust live games, such as webcam roulette with live dealers.

Online Casinos Can Refuse Payouts

Reputable online casinos don’t refuse payouts. If an online casino suspects you of using technology of some kind to cheat, they will usually at least withhold winnings while they investigate. But if they cannot find any proof of cheating, you’ll be paid out. But you may still be restricted from playing the game you won at. This has happened may times at a particularly large and publicly-traded online casino.

Payout refusal is still quite common, although more with the smaller casinos run from less-established jurisdictions. This is perhaps because they know you’re unlikely to take them to court. The legal action would be too costly to justify any action. Still there’s a strong incentive for casinos to be honest, because a bad reputation is likely more costly than the occasional payout-refusal.

An online presence makes it easy for online casinos to get away with poor behavior. But as the internet matures, so does common knowledge about how to avoid dishonest online casinos. Certainly rogue and scamming casinos may always exist, and so will scam victims. But the open-sharing of information of various credible forums has made it easier for victims to warn others about dishonest casinos.

Do real casinos ever refuse payouts? Yes, but it’s far more rare. If you win big in real casinos, they’ll delay your payout while they check recorded footage. Unless they find any problems, you’ll be paid.

Looking Beyond The Games For Profit

Advantage players are opportunists always scouting for new opportunities. They know how to look for and exploit opportunities where the chances of profit are greater than the risks of loss. And such opportunities can be found outside the games themselves. In other words, you don’t need to exploit a roulette wheel to profit. For example, you might find some casinos offering “comps” that exceed the value of what you wager.

For example, a casinos may offer free meal or accommodation coupons as you wager real money. To receive $500 worth of coupons, you may statistically only lose about $50. Granted it’s not going to make you rich. It’s more a strategy for the casual gambler.

Another way of exploiting the fine print is with casino bonuses. Bonuses are designed to give you a taste of the casino’s game, with bonus credits. The typical catch is you need to wager a certain amount before you can withdraw any winnings. The upside is if you choose a good bonus deal with low wagering requirements, you can essentially play with nearly no house edge from the casino. This means you’re on equal ground with them.

The downside is you can usually only do this as a new player in a casino. That’s not such a limitation when you understand there are countless reputable casinos all offering worthwhile bonuses.

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