How to Spot a Trustworthy Online Roulette Game

With the proliferation of online casino platforms, web-based gambling has grown into a multi-billion dollar industry and has largely overtaken traditional land-based gaming in terms of customers and revenues.

However, one of the most frequent questions that both seasoned and beginner gamblers alike tend to ask is whether online casino games are trustworthy. This is especially true of online roulette, in which players cannot rely on the same laws of physics and mathematics that govern the game in a land-based casino.

That’s why it is essential that you know how to identify an online roulette game that is trustworthy, fair, random, secure, and most definitely not rigged. With that in mind, let’s dive into how you can spot a trustworthy online roulette game and avoid being scammed. 

Is the Roulette Being Hosted by a Trustworthy Casino?

This is arguably the most important question that you need to be asking before placing a bet with any online roulette provider. While there is no shortage of trustworthy operators out there, there are also plenty of less reputable dealers to watch out for. The first thing you should do is look up reviews of any casino you are considering.

Begin by searching for reviews from industry experts, who will be able to offer fair and unbiased assessments of any major casino’s roulette offerings. Also, make sure to take the time to read reviews from players themselves, as they will be able to give you an idea of whether the roulette on offer is fair and of high quality. If a casino you are considering does not have any reviews and is clearly not well-known, then you are best off staying clear. 

Does the Roulette Use Verified RNG Technology?

The technology that powers online roulette games will always consist of random number generator (RNG) software, in a similar way to how online slots, poker, and blackjack are powered. Basically, RNG software ensures that an online roulette game offers the same odds and RTP (return-to-player) percentage as the same game would have in a land-based casino.

There are several ways that you can check whether an online roulette provider uses verified RNG technology. Let’s start by looking at a large, international online casino with a strong reputation as a case in point. Sky City Casino offers online roulette in several variants and goes to considerable lengths to highlight the trustworthiness of these hosted games. The website details the independent game testing services that regularly audit and test these online roulette games, while also listing, in detail, the actual software that powers their games. These are the kind of standards that you should be looking out for. 

Is the Casino Licensed By the Authorities?

A very quick and easy way to check whether an online roulette provider is offering a trustworthy game is to check that casino’s license. This should be easy to find on the homepage of any casino that you are considering and is usually located at the bottom of the page. In order for a casino to operate legally, it must be licensed by an accepted national gaming authority. To be certain, cross-reference this with the licensing authority’s official website.

The licensing body ensures that the casino and the games that it offers are fair, secure, and honest. Many casinos receive their license from bodies such as the UK Gambling Commission or the Malta Gaming Authority, both of which are organisations with very high standards and stringent enforcement practices. If you can’t locate a casino’s licensing arrangements or it claims to have them but you can’t find any reference on the licensing body’s website, then consider this a red flag. 

Is the Online Roulette Game Secure? 

Whether or not an online roulette game is trustworthy depends on more than just the actual fairness of the game. Any casino that you wish to place a bet with will require that you provide your personal identification and financial details, often including your bank account details. This is, of course, necessary if you want to actually have your winnings paid out to you.

However, it does mean that you are providing highly sensitive information to them. One way to reduce the resulting risk is to check whether an online casino is actually secure.

Does it deploy SSL encryption throughout the website? Does it use trustworthy and reputable digital payment gateways? Does it offer two-factor authentication? Does it have a transparent user data policy? It is vital that you know the answers to all of these questions before you start playing roulette online.

Which Developer Created the Online Roulette Game?

Finally, don’t forget to do your research on the actual company that created the online roulette game you want to play – and runs it, in the case of live-streamed roulette. More often than not, an online casino will buy their casino games from a developer and host them on their site.

That means that the entity responsible for your gameplay experience is actually one of these developers. Every online roulette game should clearly state who the developer is. It is your job to research the developer and see if they are well-known and have a good reputation. Once you know this, you can start to play. 

If you want to play online roulette that is safe, fair, and not rigged, then you need to be able to answer the above questions before placing your first wager. 

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