How to Beat Live Roulette & Strategy Tips

Live dealer roulette is the closest a player can get to actual roulette gaming from home. Because the game is played in real-time, at a real table with a live dealer, it is exactly like playing at the casino, except well, you are at home. Playing online is a great way to enjoy roulette gaming, especially now due to Covid-19 restrictions. Learning more about the best websites to play live dealer roulette in the USA as well as strategies to apply to the game will get you on the right track to winning.

How to Play Live Roulette

Playing live dealer roulette is simple if you are familiar with the game. Most online casinos offer the traditional American and European versions. If you have played before in a casino, you will find the same betting formats apply online. Newbies to the game will want to start with a live dealer roulette demo.  This is a free play version. With the demo, you can practice before you wager real money. Use the demo mode to learn the way the game is played and study up on your betting options as well as strategies. By learning as much as you before wagering real money, you increase your chances of a winning bet.

How to Beat Online Live Roulette

Now, let’s talk about beating the game. There are various legitimate strategies to beat roulette in the long-term, but there many other strategies that don’t at all increase your odds of winning (to be better than random chance). The majority of the advice on this page is more suited to recreational gamblers.

Assuming you’re a recreational gamblers, first, you need to choose the right version of roulette. As mentioned, the standard options offered via live dealers are American and European. Always go for European as the house edge is much lower. Europe has a house edge of 2.70% while American is much higher at 5.26%. The difference between the two is due to the 0 and 00 on the American version instead of the single zero. Although ultimately your possible edge depends mostly on the individual wheel and it’s physics, and not necessarily the house edge.

It is also important to understand the odds of live dealer roulette. In the game, the highest paying bet is the single number bet. If you are unskilled at the game, and use a typical losing and “gambling” approach, you might randomly place this wager on a single number because the potential to win big is there. However, the odds of the ball landing on that specific number are quite low. All gambling is ultimately the difference between odds and payout though. If you play more numbers, you have a better chance of winning, although the payout is lower.

One strategy for recreational gamblers is you can use is to bet smaller amounts on several numbers, even covering entire groups of numbers, columns, or rows, hoping to have a positive outcome.

There are also devices known as roulette computers that can be used to estimate where the ball will fall.

Applying Roulette Strategies

If you feel comfortable with playing roulette and understand the odds and basic bets, then you can start to apply a live dealer strategy. One of the most well known is the Martingale Strategy, although it is a known-losing strategy. This strategy can be applied to most betting situations in roulette. The basis of this strategy is to double your last losing bet until you win. By doing so, you recover all of what you lost with one large bet.

Let’s say you wager $5 on odds/evens and you lose. Well, on your next bet you wager $10. If you lose, then you wager $20 and so on. If you win by your fourth bet at $40, then you win everything back that you lost. This is one of the easier strategies to understand but not as exciting as other options.

If you are looking for a strategy for a small bankroll and has low risk, then the D’Alembert system is one to try. This option is used on even money bets. To use this strategy, you will need to reduce your wager by one when you win and then increase by one if you lose. You need to set a limit with this bet so you don’t go too far with your budget.

The good thing about this strategy is that if you lose, the losses are incurred gradually instead of suddenly. This system helps you to stay in control of the game if losses start to add up.

It is possible to beat live roulette. If you learn the game, choose European Roulette, and apply quality strategies, you increase your chance to win. Give it a try in demo mode online and see what happens. If you fare well, real money gaming should be tried next!

But be aware that almost all strategies eventually fail, because they don’t at all increase your odds of winning to be better than random. See the typical mistakes made by losing systems.

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