How Technology Has Changed Casino Gambling

The relentless march of technology has changed the way that we do a lot of things in our day to day lives. From the way we work and communicate to the way we relax, technology has revolutionized it all. One such way that the world has been changed is the casino industry, which has been keeping up with the times.

From the Parlour to Online

Casino games are some of the oldest games in existence, with dice games going all the way back to prehistoric times. They have been used to gamble as a form of entertainment for millions of years, with developments in recent years having a massive effect.

Many casino games have their origins in France, with parlour games inspiring many of the modern games that we can still play today. Roulette, for example, is one of the older casino games that was initially played in these French parlours. It has existed and changed a lot in the hundreds of years since. There are more versions of this game now than ever before, with American versions and side bets too.

These mainstay casino games have always been popular through time and it makes sense that they have also made the transition online. The first online games were simple card games and they came onto the scene in the late 1990s. Microgaming were one of the first pioneers of these games and they still create games to this day.

They have an ever expanding library of these casino games and as time goes on, they find new ways to add twists to the classics. This is great for casino fans, as they can try out different versions of the games that they enjoy. If players are practicing their strategy or want to try a new strategy, then they can do so on different versions of the game to keep things fresh.

The Mobile Boom

In the early 2000s, smartphones started to hit the scene in a big way. It wasn’t long before developers started to realize that there was a massive market for mobile gaming. Therefore, it wasn’t long before the first mobile slot was born, which would then go on to inspire countless others.

Most sites boast hundreds of mobile games now and a near seamless gaming experience when switching between these platforms. An all round player experience is becoming more important, as players look for sites that give them the best of both worlds. A mobile casino site has a much higher chance of bringing in new players and retaining them too.

Tablets have also become a lot more popular in recent years, with many homes having at least one of these devices. Many people are making the switch from traditional desktop computers to these devices, as they’re lightweight and faster. This is another scale for these developers to tackle as they aim to make the most accessible sites and games possible.

New Developments in Casino Gaming

Now that these games have come online, the possibilities for developers really are endless. They’re able to bring the latest tech to the table in order to serve up the freshest games for their players. Virtual reality is having a huge effect in this space, as developers seek to create the next big thing.

While this technology isn’t necessarily mainstream as of yet, there is massive potential there. When these devices are more widely used, there will be more players able to go on an immersive slot game journey. The HTC Vive and Oculus Rift are the market leaders here, but not many people have these in their homes as of yet. When the price makes these more accessible, we’re sure to see more casual games aimed towards these players.

Live casinos are one of the biggest leaps forward for casino players of late, with streaming technology making this possible. The dealer is broadcast from a table and the player is able to interact with them via a control system. This makes the action feel much more authentic and the player gets an interesting experience.

Game developers like Evolution have quickly latched onto this idea as a way to bring in new players. It’s only natural that we want to try the next big thing and this is a new format that allows them to do just that. They can still rely on the same rules and strategy, but the action is displayed in a new way.

This can also give rise to new ways to promote these games, with live prize draws and golden cards. This again helps to keep players enjoying the unexpected, with the option to add in more promotions as and when required.

Slot game developers are always seeking new ways to put a spin on the gameplay that their users expect. This pushes them to innovate new bonus features, design and special bonuses – which make things more interesting for the player. With some of these developers bringing out 2 to 3 of these games each month, it’s essential for them to be able to stand out from the crowd.

Casino games have been around for a long time now and they’ve changed a lot within that time. The introduction of the internet accelerated the growth and popularity of these games, with new technology opening up new options. The future is bright for these games and it’s our opinion they will be popular for many years to come.

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