How Slot Machines Are Designed

Casinos determine the profitability of a game to be directly related to revenue versus floor space. In other words, the less space a game occupies in the casino, the better. That is providing the game is profitable for the casino.

Based on this principle, slot machines are the casino’s most profitable games. It’s not surprising since a single player can occupy a machine for hours, pumping in coin after coin. Rather than risking real money, you can try free spins no deposit 2018 UK to test your systems.

The Earliest Slot Machines

The earliest slot machines consisted of physical reels of icons. The spinning reels could be stopped at the press of a button, and various combinations of icons produced payouts. One of the problems is smarter players studied the reels, and were able to stop the spins when particular icons were most likely to align. It wasn’t particularly easy to do, but could be done and was a significant threat to casinos. Furthermore, machines with physical reels required greater maintenance than later models.

Modern Slot Machine Design

Modern slot machines are basically computer games. Essentially they are just software, screen, and some buttons. The earliest modern slot machines used digital representations of physical reels. This means that the sequence of icons on any reel did not change. Although it was rare, some players did exploit this design.

Slot machine designers denied this as a realistic possibility. However, it was proven reality by a group of Russian hackers. Basically they used a hidden camera to stream live video of the reels in action. The video was processed by a computer outside the casino, which then told the players when to press particular buttons on the slot machine. The result was the team achieved a significant edge over the casino.

Nobody knows exactly how many machines are vulnerable to such approaches. Basically it would include any slot machine design that:

  • Uses digital representations of physical reels, and
  • Allows the player to observe the spinning reels, and press a button to stop them.

Slot Machines That Can’t Be Beaten

it makes sense to understand when a slot machine is impossible to beat. In particularly some online casinos use slot machine software that guarantee a specific payout to the casino. As such, the game outcomes are not random at all. If a particular player won big, the entire system will balance by giving other players a lower payout. This is as rigged as gambling gets. The player has no chance of profiting over the long-term. The only way you could profit is by sheer luck. But your luck would mean the demise of other players because of the guaranteed payout to casinos.

Fair Random Games

A fair random game is one with outcomes controlled by a certified random number generator. There are two types of random number generators. The most common used by slot machines is called a pseudo-random number generator. Basically it is a program that uses a mathematical formula, combined with when you press buttons, to determine game outcomes.

This doesn’t mean you could count to 5, press spin and expect to win. If you pressed spin only one millisecond later, the outcome would be very different. So you can’t realistically expect to change your odds of winning by varying when you press buttons.

Any of the reputable slots online win real money casinos use certified fair pseudo-random number generators. Just because it is called fair RNG does not mean the odds are fair. The payouts are always unfair from casinos, which is how they make money. It’s something to keep in mind if you intend to play slots online and win real money.

Testing Slot Machine Systems

You can get free spins no deposit 2018 UK to test your system. We do not endorse this source of free spins, but it’s one example you may want to try. We suggest be wary of any free spins because it’s possible the games do not properly represent what you get in real casinos. There are some slot machine simulator programs that accurately emulate real slot machines. When considering such software, perhaps ask the right questions of the developers including:

  1. Exactly what random number generator is used to determine spin outcomes?
  2. What testing have you done of the random number generator to be assured outcomes are properly random?
  3. Does the game have a negative expectation, as any real slot machine?

One thing to keep in mind is slot machine software you can purchase is for entertainment, not training. On one hand, it’s entertaining to win. But it’s boring to constantly win. If you intend to properly test a slot system, you need the slot machine software to be as realistic as possible.

Consider the Odds & Payouts

if you are playing purely for fun, you’ll probably choose machines with features and icons you find interesting. In some cases, you can calculate the odds of winning versus the payout. This can reveal which machines are most profitable. An analogy is like comparing the European and American roulette wheels. The American roulette wheel has thirty-eight pockets, and the European wheel has thirty-seven pockets. However, the payouts are exactly the same in both wheel variations.

Studying a slot machine is considerably more complicated. To make things worse, the payouts of machines can be adjusted by casinos. In some cases a casino will increase the payouts of new machines. This is basically to get new players hooked. Then the casino can reduce payouts to normal levels. There is nothing expressly illegal about this, although it’s certainly not moral because it takes advantages of the player’s emotions.

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