How Live Dealer Technology is Changing the Way People Play Roulette

Roulette is one of the most popular casino games which most agree was initiated by a French physicist and mathematician Blaise Pascal during the 17th century. You may or may not know that Mr Blaise had a completely different goal in mind; what he was trying to do was prove it was possible to produce a perpetual motion machine even though the laws of physics said otherwise. So we’ve got a failed experiment to thank for being able to bet on the outcome of a spinning wheel and have tons of fun while at it. This brilliant physicist didn’t actually create the game, but he did invent the mechanism which was then used as basis for an Even-Odd game using a wheel with 20 slots.

For hundred years of so, Roulette wheel remained pretty much the same. It was the need to make profit that changed it by increasing the number of slots to 37. Mid-19th century, commissioned by King Charles III of Monaco, Lois Blanc created a wheel with a single zero and thus significantly increased house edge. Then Roulette made its way across the Atlantic Ocean and Americans came up with an idea to give the house an even bigger edge by adding a double zero slot. Instead of 37 numbers (0 through to 36), American wheel had 38.

If you look at it, not that many modifications were made to the original game for almost 400 years. It all changed in the early 2000s when Roulette went online. Within two decades or so, developers have offered us game variants playing with multiple balls and featuring side bets which provided additional betting and winning opportunities. What’s more, they made it possible for us to feel as if playing in a land-based casino without having to leave our homes. And more! Let’s take a look at how industry giants such as Evolution Gaming, Pragmatic Play and Playtech changed the way people play Roulette.

Live Roulette Played in the Comfort of One’s Own Home

Online Live Roulette games these days come packed with in-game functions which either mimic options available at land-based venues or go beyond. Players can use Live Chat function to communicate with the dealer and other players, tip their hosts to thank them for a great service, access game rules anytime they wish, view detailed statistics going as far back as the last 500 spins, and choose among multiple bet denominations with limits frequently being lower or higher than in brick-and-mortar casinos. They can place wagers with the help of a Racetrack or use Bet Building mode to create their favourite bets and save them for future use. Several providers stream games from physical casinos and some enable online players to place their wagers alongside those placing real chips on the same table. Most online casinos will allow registered members to observe the game without having to risk a single cent. What’s more, all of the above is available via desktop computers as well as mobile devices.

Evolution Gaming has developed a whole range of Live Roulette variants to accommodate gamblers of different nationalities and make the game even more exciting. To start with, they have recruited a bunch of native dealers able to communicate with online players in English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Flemish, Turkish, Norwegian, Danish, Swedish, Greek, Russian and Arabic – and they’re not done yet!

Lightning Roulette is one of Evolution’s impressive 2018 releases which quickly proved to be a major success.  Innovation comes through a unique studio design which incorporates a background of red, black and green numbered panels representing slots featured on the wheel.  Once the latter has been sent spinning, the croupier pulls a lever to activate random selection of 1 to 5 lucky numbers. As lightning bolts strike panels to reveal the selected special numbers, players who have chosen them when placing Straight Up bets get to benefit from a multiplier ranging from 50x up to incredible 500x. This lucrative side game uses a unique combination of Live Roulette wheel and a digital Random Number Generator.

Playtech’s Age Of Gods Roulette is a themed live game playing on a stone table according to European rules. To get a shot at winning one of 4 progressive jackpots, the player needs to select the appropriate option and as the result an average of 0.99% of their bets will contribute to the jackpot pool. Multi-level progressive jackpot is randomly triggered and guarantees the bettor will win either Power, Extra Power, Super Power or Ultimate Power jackpot, the later worth a minimum of €100,000 and likely much more. A new game screen opens and reveals 20 coins, each hiding one of the four jackpot symbols. You’ll need to turn them over to reveal the symbol, and having found 3 matching ones, win the corresponding jackpot. Should you fail to do it within 30 seconds, the game will automatically reveal your prize.  

At Extreme’s Golden Ball Roulette table, the one betting the highest amounts over 20 rounds gets to „spin the ball“ and as the result claim additional cash rewards or attractive prizes. The developer’s Reel Roulette series consists of game variants that incorporate one-reel slots based on popular Novomatic titles and offering payouts as high as 80:1.

Live Lucky Ball by Authentic Gaming also offers an independent side bet. Game screen incorporates Lucky Ball wagering area with 4 Lucky Balls coloured in green, blue, orange and purple, each displaying base and bonus payouts. A unique number is attached to each colour on every spin and one randomly chosen as bonus colour. If the outcome of the spin happens to be the selected number, you’ll win between 6:1 and 25:1. Should the physical ball rest on the number featured on the bonus ball, you’ll collect a minimum of 60:1 and potentially as much as 120:1.

The Future of Online Roulette

Playing Live Roulette online already comes with multiple advantages over doing one’s gambling in brick-and-mortar casinos, and there’s no doubt further innovations are already being tested by industry leaders. As players, we might find it difficult to imagine what’s next to come, just as we couldn’t have foreseen amazing extras online gaming has provided over the last 2 decades. An increasing competition combined with technology advancements will surely keep wowing us for years to come. How? Your guess is as good as ours.

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