Does Advantage Play In Casinos Still Work?

Advantage play is what casinos call systems that “work”. Generally they are defined as techniques and strategies not considered to be “cheating”. So you can’t be charged with any criminal offence for applying advantage play to win.

But does advantage play still work in modern casinos? After all, you’d think casinos would do everything possible to protect themselves. The truth is some advantage play techniques are mostly ineffective, whereas other methods are still effective as they were decades ago. It also very much depends on the game.

The Casinos Last Line of Defense

If a casino notices a consistent winner, they can simply ask the player to leave. If the casino is private property and the player refuses, the player can be charged with trespassing. But ejecting players is the very last thing a casino does.

If the casino notices you’re winning too much, first they’ll watch you closely to determine how you might be winning. If they determine you’ve probably just gotten lucky, they wont take any action, although will continue to watch you closely. But if they determine you may be an advantage player, then they’ll take action.

One way or another, once they’ve detected what they believe is an advantage player, they wont continue to let them win. To stop them winning, they’ll apply countermeasures – which are steps to make winning harder. Then when the advantage player leaves, normal procedures resume. It’s much the same case with any online casino, although online casinos that use RNGs (random number generators) generally aren’t worried about advantage players. This is because there is no practical way to predict the outcome of RNG games – RNGs are strictly for “gambling” and entertainment.

What Advantage Play Does and Doesn’t Work In Roulette?

The oldest type of advantage play in roulette is bias analysis. This involves exploiting physical flaws of roulette wheels. Despite what you may think, physical flaws occur even in modern day wheels. However, designs have become greatly enhanced over time. This means physical defects have become less significant, and roulette wheel bias techniques have become more difficult to apply. This doesn’t mean such techniques are no longer valid. It only means they have become much more difficult. Generally we don’t advise bias analysis in modern conditions, because there are much better techniques. And they don’t require you to spend an unrealistic amount of time at the wheel.

Perhaps the most popular modern day advantage play technique in roulette is visual ballistics. Basically it involves using your eyesight to determine when and where the ball will fall. This isn’t as difficult as it sounds.

Knowing where the ball will fall most of the time is quite easy. If you observe ten or so spins, you’ll notice the ball hits particular metal deflectors more often than others. Already you know this behavior is not random.

Next, you need to know approximately when the ball will fall and hit the dominant diamonds. And finally, you need to determine how far the ball usually bounces before stopping. This is an oversimplification of the process, although it gives you a general idea of what’s involved.

Even with modern wheels, visual ballistics still works today. There are a variety of related techniques, each with their own pros and cons. Typical visual ballistics techniques work well in theory, but are too difficult to master in the real casino environment. Only a handful of techniques are both practical and effective enough in real casino conditions.

Visual ballistics isn’t the only effective technique in modern casinos. There are in fact a variety of related ballistic methods, some of which allow you to bet before the ball is released.

How Do Ballistics Methods Work?

Ballistic methods all rely on simple physics to determine where the ball will fall. The mention of physics tends to deter many people, although the principles and science behind it is quite simple.

It is important to understand that is nearly impossible to design a roulette wheel with truly random and unpredictable spins. It’s usually quite easily possible to achieve the necessary accuracy to overcome the house edge. Remember the house edge in roulette is only a small -2.7%. Therefore to overcome the house edge and win consistently, the player needs only to marginally increase the accuracy of predictions. Even if the player achieves a mere +1% edge, this will turn them a profit in the long-term.

In short, yes ballistic techniques to work. But there are many ballistic methods that fall well short of what they should be. For example, consider dealer signature. This is when a player considers the distance between one winning number and the next. This distance is correlated to distances of other spins, to build a kind of map of distance between numbers. A simplistic dealer signature approach will assume the distance will be consistent each time a specific dealer spins. But this is not the case, for many reasons. One reason is the ball deceleration rate can and does change over time. So even if the ball is released at exactly the same speed, result can be very different after a few hours of changing air pressure. Professional techniques often do utilize similar principles, but account for the various shortcomings of dealer signature techniques.

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