Do Roulette Games Give More Winnings in Distinct Casinos?

There is no novice or professional casino player who has not asked himself before; “If I join a distinct casino, will I get more profits?!”.

Once you enter any of the review sites, you will find a long list of online casinos that you can play at. You will surely be wondering which casino pays the most on roulette games. Since the way to play this game is still a mystery to many players, this question still stands. In this article, we will explain to you how roulette games provide profits to players. However, if you want to discover distinct casinos that offer higher payouts to players, we advise you to go to Arabic Roulette site which recommends a bunch of the best remote online casinos that offer great bonuses and pay more on roulette games.

Can Online Roulette Games have glitches?

The short answer is: yes of course! Anything can go wrong, even the most secure systems can go wrong. For example, when minting coins or notes, mistakes can occur, but this is not as bad as you can imagine as these coins will then be sold at auctions for millions of dollars!

Also, in roulette games’ software, errors can occur that cause the game to overpay or cause the ball to fall on the same number for several consecutive rounds, and if you come across this, you may have several minutes to reap your own fortune!

Bugs may not be very likely in games from big developers like Microgaming and NetEnt. But they are more likely in games from emerging developers like Boongo and Iron-Dog. However, most of the online casinos state in their terms and conditions that they are not responsible for the games glitches that cause them to pay more than the average winnings.

There are a lot of similar cases in which players hit the jackpot, but the casino refuses to pay it claiming that this win is caused by a “glitch”. So, players file a lawsuit against the casino and always the verdict come against the casino! So, game glitches are very beneficial for all players in all games!

How Can Roulette Games Pay More at Remote Casinos?

Although video roulette games rely on random number generators, volatility, and RTPs, some other criteria affect your results, namely:

1.    The Demo Mode

Play any free roulette game for 100 spins and you’ll see that you’ve won at least 60 spins! Although free games are designed to match real money games and give players a real idea of​ how the game works, they are also used to entice players for placing real money bets! In other words, you will find free roulette games more generous than real money games.

2.    Free Spins

If you have played roulette before, you know that the first spins will be the best if you bet on them with pennies. In fact, there is a relationship between the game’s volatility level and your bet amount; Whenever you place a high bet you are likely to lose. Likewise, the more you place a low bet you are likely to win!

Lots of players feel this intuitively, so they bet with limited values ​​on dozens of spins and accumulate large funds, but when they see that their balance has gone up too much, they start betting big, however, they also start losing all the money they made!

3.    Previous Results Determine Your Next Results!

RNG roulette games don’t like players who win too much! So, at some point they decide to freeze all numbers they bet on, then before players lose the hope (and money!) completely, they turn their numbers hot again to entice them to make a deposit or get a new bonus.

4.    Your Betting Amount!

As we have already mentioned, the value of your bet affects the result of the spin. So, it is best not to place a bet of more than 1% of your total balance on the single round, and when getting more winnings you can increase your bet accordingly!

5.    Winning Is Less Than Losing

The house always wins in all the games it offers! RNG roulette games are designed to offer players lower profits in the long run. So, the casino and gaming company can turn a profit and not go bankrupt!

6.    No Fixed RTP Percentage in Casinos!

One of the most common myths among online players is that the RTP of any roulette game is fixed and can’t be changed from a casino to another; This is not true at all! As this percentage can’t be equal in two casinos. For example, there might be a roulette game that pays out at 95% in one casino, but another casino that pays out at 98%, and although the version is not different, both sites have different payout potential!

7.    Volatility

The term volatility means three basic aspects: (bet amount, level of risk, and the frequency of the winning). Although you may not pay much attention to these factors while playing and prefer to rely on luck only, the game’s algorithms certainly do not ignore them! Although roulette games have low volatility, this volatility increases when winnings are repeated or the bet is raised.


Although casinos can’t affect the results of their hosted games, some factors do! We have discussed in this article how they can make the game pay more/less than it should be. To sum up, it’s better to play at the remote casinos and choose the games of emerging studios!

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