Do Casinos Kick You Out For Winning Too Much?

How much can you win without being banned? Do casinos really ban players?

If you follow my posts and websites, you would know roulette isn’t particularly difficult to beat. The real problem isn’t winning roulette – it’s avoiding detection. Because no casino tolerates consistent winners. You can’t just win $1 million in a night, and expect casinos to do nothing.

In the past 20 years, I’ve worked with approximately 2,000 different professional casino players throughout the world. I know very well what casinos do to protect themselves, and how far you can push them before they ban you. By “push them”, I mean what you can win.

The short story is casinos only ban players as a last resort. They’ll only ban you if they think they can’t stop you winning.

This article discusses typical steps casinos take, if they consider you a threat. And what casinos do about you.

How Casinos Identify Threats

Casinos have many different layers to surveillance. Isn’t all just about cameras. Each staff member has their own role. I would need to write a book to explain everything, but I’ll explain some of the main points here.

The tell-tale signs casinos look for largely depends on the casino game itself. For example, blackjack cards can be monitored for any kind of ink marks. I’m referring to specific types of dye that are only visible with special equipment and lenses. But is this website focuses on roulette, so I’ll explain some of what casino staff look for at roulette tables.

Types of bets

If you are constantly making outside bets, generally the casino won’t pay much attention to you. This is because they know outside bets are guaranteed to eventually lose. There are some extremely rare exceptions, but generally it’s not something casinos need to worry about.

However, if you are making bets based on wheel sectors, the casino’s surveillance staff are more likely to pay attention to what you do. This is because the only known effective methods of beating roulette involve betting on sectors. One example is visual ballistics, where players use eyesight to predict where the ball is likely to fall.

Sector-bets alone wont immediately attract the casino’s attention. But if you are making sector bets after the ball is released, and just before the ball falls, expect casino staff to become suspicious. So the combination of late betting, and sector bets, is a big red flag that you are applying visual ballistics.

If it weren’t for this, visual ballistics and roulette computer players could win millions in very short periods of time. Such amounts have been won in short periods, although of course the players are flagged. This makes it harder for them to profit later.

To maximize winnings, we use the phrase “Milk the cow. Don’t Kill it.” We optimize profit, without being detected.

Still it is quite easy to earn substantial sums, without ever being detected. Hence why I say the problem isn’t beating roulette – it’s avoiding detection. In a case like visual ballistics, it’s not difficult to camouflage your bets, so your approach isn’t so obvious. A simple example of this is mixing up bets, and occasionally making outside and deliberately losing bets. Although this reduces your edge and profits, it keeps you undetected under the radar. There are many different ways of avoiding detection. You might not win millions of dollars in a night, but you can quite easily earn several thousand dollars without ever being noticed.

What About Online Casinos?

The methods of detection are much the same for online casinos, like ones listed at So casino staff will consider the types of bets you make. They’ll also consider your general account activity. However, online casinos can’t physically see players. Verifying photo ID is not a guarantee players are who they claim. And with all bets logged in your account, it’s easier for online casinos to detect and deal with consistent winners.

The larger and regulated online casinos rarely refuse payouts, but it still sometimes happens. If you appear to be a consistent winner, they’ll still likely pay your winnings, but restrict you from playing games you’ve won at. This has happened to many of my online casino players, especially at William Hill.

How Much Can You Win Without Being Banned?

There are many variables that determine how much you can win, without being detected. These include:

  • The size of the casino: Larger casinos are usually more tolerant to larger wins.
  • How busy the casino is: It’s easier to stay undetected in busy casinos.
  • Table bet limits: Larger wins are easier to conceal with large bet limits.
  • The specific staff when you play: Some staff are less-attentive than others.
  • Random factors: Like the staff’s attention at the time.

So there are lots of variables. But in most casinos, winning between $1,000 – $5,000 in a night is unlikely to draw attention, provided you follow various rules to avoid detection. In some casinos, even winning $20,000 may not draw undue attention.

In most casinos, you can win around $5,000 without attracting attention. But you can’t do it day after day without being noticed. Eventually the casino will stop you winning, one way or another.

What Casinos Do, Without Banning You

Again kicking you out is only a last resort. In almost all cases, if you’re suspected of being a professional player, casino staff will first determine how you are winning. If it’s likely a technique they’re familiar with, they’ll instruct the dealer or pit boss to make whatever changes are needed to make you lose.

Again using the example of visual ballistics, this is as simple as closing bets earlier in the spin. Casinos almost always allow late bets in spins because it maximizes their revenue from ordinary players. So closing bets earlier will be temporary, until the professional player loses or leaves. If the player sticks around and is still winning, then the player may be presumed to be using a roulette computer. In this case, the player may be asked to leave. It very rarely gets to this though, because once it’s obvious the casino has detected the team, the team moves on.

If casino staff are confident your wins are just from luck, they’ll likely allow you to win much larger amounts. But just in case your wins aren’t luck, they’ll offer you something like free drinks, or even a free room – to celebrate. In reality, it’s to keep you at the tables longer, in hopes you lose back your winnings.


Casinos are in the business of you losing. But it doesn’t mean they’ll ban you for winning. Generally you’ll only be “kicked out” if you’re suspected of using a professional advantage play system, or a roulette computer – and you are causing the casino a loss by either winning, or forcing the casino to change procedures. This is because they know professional approaches win with legitimate science, not from luck.

If your wins are probably just lucky, you can win large amounts without casinos doing much. Casinos know not every player will lose. Casinos need the occasional winners too. It keeps players coming back.

So if you’re a typical system player, and not using a professional method, you’re very unlikely to be asked to leave. That is unless you seem a little too lucky; in which case they may ban you, just in case. In fact I know of two particular players that were banned after a few wins, despite their systems being poor, and no better than random bets.

Casinos aren’t stupid. They know what methods do and don’t work. They know where the real threats are. So if you use professional methods, you must follow simple rules and guidelines to avoid detection, and maximize profit.

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