Back to Basics: Choosing the Best Roulette Casino for You

In some respects, table games such as roulette have become decidedly less prominent in the iGaming market, with slots having grown to account for nearly two-thirds of the total GGY within the industry.

However, roulette remains a cult classic in the minds of many players, particularly those who like to deploy some kind of skill and pronounced betting strategy.

While you can find the best roulette sites on this site, it’s also important to be proactive when attempting to identify the best casino for you. Here are some points to keep in mind.

Reviewing Games Libraries and the Welcome Bonus

Let’s start with the basics; as not every casino is created equal and some have more of a focus on table games such as roulette than others.

The same principle applies to each casino’s welcome offer, which will feature variable rewards and game weightings that don’t necessarily suit roulette players.

To begin with, game libraries can vary widely in size and diversity, as while some feature barely 300 titles exclusively within the slots and bingo categories, others boast well over 1,000 games across a far wider array of verticals.

So, your first port of call should be to seek out casinos that offer a broad range of standard and real-time roulette games, as this ensures that you’ll enjoy a fun and rewarding experience that suits your fundamental tastes.

When it comes to welcome offers, most bonuses should enable you to deploy your funds on the available range of roulette games.

However, you may also find that the so-called ‘game weightings’ associated with the bonus may not include roulette titles, which essentially means that only money wagered on this type of game won’t count towards you meeting your wagering requirements.

In other instances, roulette games may only contribute 10% to your wagering requirements, and in this respect, the relevant bonus may not be one that offers the requisite value.

With this in mind, be sure to review the precise T&Cs associated with each potential bonus in detail before making a firm financial commitment.

Prioritise European Roulette Where Possible

Not only are there numerous online iterations of roulette, but these are also built on three classic versions of this age-old game (namely American, European and French roulette).

Of course, it’s the European and American iterations that dominate the current online marketplace, with the former offering the best value proposition to players across the board.

The reason for this is simple; as European roulette features a single zero on the wheel, creating a markedly higher return-to-player (RTP) rate of 97.30%. Conversely, the American wheel features an additional zero and an RTP rate of just 94.74%, which means that you can expect to recoup far less on average for every £1 wagered.

This is also reflected by the respective house edge for each game, with the house claiming an average of 2.56% for European roulette titles and 5.26% for the American alternative.

The takeaway here is clear, as you’ll need to prioritise European iterations of the game when browsing casinos and games libraries, particularly if you’re wagering with a smaller bankroll and want to get the most of your individual betting strategies.

Choose the Safest Possible Site

On a final note, it’s absolutely crucial that you strive to select a safe and secure casino, as there’s little point in accessing your favourite roulette games if your personal or financial information is placed at risk.

There are several steps to ensuring that you’re accessing a secure and reputable site, starting with the casino’s relevant licensing. As a player in the UK, it’s crucial that your chosen casino is licensed and regulated by the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC), as this ensures that it meets all the criteria laid out within the current guidelines.

The site also needs to boast 128-bit encryption as a minimum, as this makes your personal and financial information virtually unhackable.

To guarantee this, the site in question will need to have the relevant SSL certification, with this referring to small data files that cryptographically establish an encrypted link between a web server and your browser. This is absolutely imperative, otherwise your data may be at risk whenever you log in or complete an online payment.

You should also check to see if the site publishes clear RTP rates for all of its games. This is a requirement that has been imposed by the UKGC, and it helps to create a transparent gambling experience that enables players to estimate their potential returns over time.

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