Book Of Ra Roulette – Where Slot Meets Roulette

There are many amazing slot games out there, with lots of different themes and exciting bonus features. Gamblers seem to enjoy the variety and the possibility to play slots online, win real money and have fun at the same time. However, not all of online punters are slots fans. Being a true casino classic, roulette enjoys huge popularity among casino fans, especially online. You won’t find a British gambling site that doesn’t offer at least a dozen variations of the game. Players have a lot of options at their disposal, both when it comes to the game varieties as well as sites.

So, we have slots fans on one side and roulette players on the other. But how about those people who enjoy both types of games? Fortunately, there’s something for them as well!

Introducing Book Of Ra Roulette – a game that combines the thrills of slots and table games. At its core, this is basically another type of European Roulette, with the rules only slightly tweaked and a theme taken from the highly popular Book Of Ra slot game.

Book Of Ra Slot

Book of Ra slot impresses at first sight – the symbols are beautifully designed, bold and colorful, with amazing details. This game takes players on a journey across Ancient Egypt, with an explorer in search of the Book Of Ra – a century-old book hidden within the pyramids.

Book Of Ra Roulette

One of the things that links Book of Ra Roulette to slot games is the brand-new concept such as the possibility of placing a side bet. Players will have immediate and unrestricted access to all the detailed statistics that they need to weave a coherent strategy, including cold and hot numbers, as well as various customization features. They can also interact with dealers, which will definitely appeal to those used to land-based casinos.


Book of Ra Roulette Live runs on the software provided by Extreme Live Gaming. The games are streamed in real-time and the multiple cameras add to the feeling and make players feel as if they’re in a land-based casino. The mobile version of the game doesn’t lack quality either.

Basically, the game is pretty much like the classic European roulette with a single zero. The special side bet can be placed before the beginning of any round, regardless of the chosen stakes. Don’t worry – this one also features all the classic Book of Ra symbols, so expect a lot of Pharaohs, Sphinxes, Scarabs and of course – the brave explorer.

How To Play Book Of Ra Roulette

In the end, this is still a game of Roulette, so it bears many similarities to the classic variant. Players can bet on numbers, and clusters of numbers known as splits, streets, lines, corners, columns and dozens. They can also place bets on even chances and neighbour bets. The odds of hitting one number are 1 in 36, with a corresponding payout ratio of 35 to 1.

Here’s when it gets interesting: there’s a one-reel slot that features on the right side of the screen. This is where the Book of Ra slot symbols are displayed and each has a different chance of being hit. There’s an option to ignore this side bet altogether and focus on the main game. However, that would make the game just as any other regular European Roulette.

Book Of Ra Roulette Side Bet

If you choose not to ignore the side bet, here’s what your options will be: there are seven symbols in total and the average house edge slightly exceeds 10%.

The Q and K symbols are the easiest to hit, while the Book of Ra icon is the most challenging one, but it will result in a payout of 18:1 – the same as for wagering successfully on the Statue.

The Explorer symbol and the Tutankhamun sign come with a success ratio of no more than 1.10% and a payout of 80:1.

When the roulette wheel stops spinning, players who placed bets on the winning symbols will receive payouts according to the odds. Without having the same potential as regular progressive jackpots, the Book of Ra side bet is the closest Roulette fans can get to slot-like casino action, whilst still playing Roulette.


Book of Ra Roulette Live should be an interesting choice for both Roulette fans, as well as those who appreciate slots. However, even though it succeeds at combining elements from both genres, it relies heavily on the Roulette game mechanics, so it can be said that it’s a bit more for table games enthusiasts. The special bet tools are also a great addition and can help players get informed before they place their wager.

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