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This is another online casino offering the typical games. So what’s the best way to win at 32red casino? If you’ve read my other articles related to winning underline, you’d properly guess roulette. And generally this is the case, although specifically live roulette. But there have been cases where my players have exploited the bonuses provided by 32Red. Actually it was a combination of the affiliate program and bonuses, which reduced the casino’s edge to almost nothing. Then a strong progression bet was applied. There’s a bit more to it but it’s not something I can fully disclose. Eventually the casino caught up with them and closed the main loophole.

The Games Offered By 32Red Casino

Is there a best way to win at 32red casino? The name of 32 red is immediately familiar to roulette players. But they do offer many different casino games, most of which are basically slot machines. Even the majority of their roulette games are slot machines. If you think computer animations can be real roulette, you have lots learn about winning in casinos. A good start is how to win at roulette and although it’s about roulette, most of the principles still apply to other casino games at 32Red.

32Red predominantly uses the microgaming software platform. You can test it for free without signing up for an account. However, like with most software providers, you tend to win a lot more without real money. And when you deposit funds and start betting for real, your winning streak seems to disappear.

Unfortunately this kind of deception is so common that it’s almost at the point where you can expect any casino will try and mislead you this way. The licensing jurisdiction is in Gibraltar, which is fortunately not as bad as some. There appears to be a distinction that allows the casinos to make you win more in practice sessions, than you do when betting for real. Simply put, it is much easier to win $10,000 in a practice session than it is for real. The exception is if you are playing against live and real physical roulette wheel. But you cannot see the live wheels without signing up. After sign up, you can see the live wheels without making a deposit, but you can’t bet.

Can you win at 32Red Casino?

Yes, it is a common casino used by my roulette players. It has been around since approximately 2002, and has a reasonably good reputation of payouts. It has refused payouts in some instances, where the player has been clumsy in the application of a winning system. As a basic rule, just don’t give an obvious excuse for them to payout and you shouldn’t have problems. The system used to win at 32red was completely acceptable to the casinos rules, but many casinos tend to refuse payouts once it becomes blatantly obvious the player is a professional. It is not a hard rule because some players have won tens of thousands of dollars, and exhibited behavior that is very clearly clumsy. Perhaps it depends on which casino staff are reviewing the information, or maybe some days their job isn’t done as well. I won’t give away what I mean by clumsy, because there are still consistent winners at 32Red casino, and it’s important for them to avoid detection.

Other than a few payout refusals, the only problem with 32red casino is slower payment processing. There is the typical red tape involved with withdrawal of especially larger wins.

Can you Win at Their Other Games?

They have various sports games you can bet on. Sports betting is a popular way to win at 32Red casino, but it’s not the same as it was years ago. Winning at sports betting requires a lot of work for relatively little payout. Ultimately this is because the market is saturated. Explained in plain English, there are so many professional sports bettors that the potential income becomes diluted.

If you like gambling on your mobile phone, you will like their mobile phone app. But the games they provide on mobile phones are impossible to win out in the long-term. So you won’t find live roulette, where a real wheel is used. The mobile app is more designed for the classic gambler, whose idea of winning is doubling up bets after losses. This kind of approach is called the Martingale, and is well known to eventually lose. See the martingale roulette system – it is a betting system that applies to any gambling game. Not only roulette.

Besides live roulette, to win at 32Red casino, consider their poker. Real poker is about playing other players, not the casino itself. This is a bit like the tax man and the stock market. Stocks can go up and down in value, and is always a winner and loser. In the middle is the tax man that wins either way. The casino is much the same. In an online environment, it’s not so easy to play other players, because you cannot see their facial expressions or physical ticks that give them away. But you can get to know particular users, and understand their general strategies for playing the game. An experienced poker player can tell an experience player from a rookie. A simple example is a rookie tends to bluff too often.

Ultimately the best way to win at 32Red casino is the same as any other casino. That is live roulette, using a real physical roulette wheel. Roulette may not be suitable for everyone, because it requires a lot of patience and dedication, although the payouts are well worth it.

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