Best Roulette Betting System – Progressions & Mathematical Probabilities

Roulette betting progression - the best roulette betting systemThe best roulette betting system is the JAA roulette system (click link), but this page is focused more on betting strategies. Recently I conducted a survey to determine the average success of my players. As I expressed in the report on findings, there was a very large difference in what players had achieved. Some literally earned millions over the course of many years, and some earned nothing. This ultimately is due to two main factors: where they play (the suitability of wheels), and their experience. An experienced player will find and exploit an edge on a wheel that an inexperienced player will not even notice. More detail about what players achieved is on an article at my site. This article is more to do with how many of the more successful players had achieved large winnings.

The Best Roulette Betting System Without Progression

Any roulette systems that doesn’t use betting progression (roulette progressions) are called flat betting systems. The advantage of them is basically that it’s much harder to blow your bankroll, as opposed to progression systems that rely more on luck with large bets, and can easily blow your bankroll. With betting progression, you usually increase your bet size after losses, and hope that a lucky big win will win back your losses. But as I’ve highlighted in previous articles, all progression really does is change the amount you risk on an individual spin. For this reason, progression is usually useless. You cannot beat roulette unless you are first increasing the accuracy of predictions.

Positive progression free roulette systems

If you want a very simple and free progression-based roulette system, try betting red/black and increase your bet +1 unit if you lose. If you win, decrease your bet by -1 unit. It’s very simple and if you play in the short term, you will almost always win and pay for dinner and a movie. It sounds simple enough, but the problem is when you eventually hit the losing streak, you’ll wipe out your bankroll while losing the winnings you had before. So if you adopt such a free roulette progression system, keep in mind you are using it with the hopes that the losing streak wont happen eventually. And anyone can win in the short term. I’ve seen many systems survive over tens of thousands of spins, even though the system is clearly ineffective. Systems that do this usually rely on lucky wins with large bets. Alternatively, the system may survive by making infrequent bets. Again keep in mind that any system can win in the short term. But what if 10,000 players all used the same short term progression system? The overall result of the combined group of players will be a loss. That’s what the house edge does.

Roulette negative progression strategy

When you start to lose, you can reduce the size of your bets. This will keep you at the table longer. But essentially all you are doing is changing the size of your bets. It isn’t going to help you win. It will at best keep you playing longer.

The best roulette progression strategy

Usually I don’t advise any roulette betting progression because of reasons explained above. All my roulette articles explain the principles, and it is worth a look at my videos that demonstrate how to predict roulette numbers visually. Also if you have a strong edge, you may be winning constantly. But if conditions change, you may start to lose. Then if at this point you use positive progression (increasing bet size), you will start to lose. But if your predictions are in the wrong area, then you will be betting larger amounts when the ball is potentially falling on the opposite side of your predictions.

When is progression acceptable? Only when you are absolutely certain you have an edge, and are maintaining it.

Getting back to mentioning results from my players. From the recent survey conducted, I found many of the more successful players were using betting progression in combination with either my system or roulette computers. These are experienced players that understand how to monitor their edge, and when it is safe to increase their bets.

I’ll give an example: if your strategy indicated you would statistically win about 90% of the time when betting 15 numbers, then you will very rarely be without a win for more than a few spins in a row. I use this example because this was the kind of accuracy achieved in the public roulette computer demo at

In such a case, you can afford to have an aggressive betting progression. For example, you can start by betting 1 unit for 3 spins. If you lose, then bet 2 units for another 3 spins. If you lose, then bet 3 units for another 3 spins, and so on. You reset the progression to 1 unit bets when you have profited since the start of the progression. Of course if you still didn’t win once after 9 spins in this case, then something may be wrong, so you would need to know how to evaluate and monitor your edge. And you need to cap bet size so you don’t risk too much if you get a particularly bad losing streak – all systems have losing streaks in the short term.

The upside of such progression is not that it increases your edge. It is that you can leave sooner with your target winnings. Because with a genuine winning system, the problem is more about being undetected. Plus of course the casino will more likely perceive your profits as being derived from “lucky large bets”. Based on the survey I conducted, this is the progression strategy used by my most successful players. But again be very careful because it comes with the risk of blowing your bankroll if your edge is not carefully monitored, or if your progression is too aggressive for the size of your edge.

You can test your theories and systems for how to beat roulette consistently, but I suggest test properly: test your roulette system.

What’s the recommended betting strategy?

First we’ll assume you are using a system that actually works. Specifically that it increases the accuracy of predictions. The best roulette betting strategy depends on your edge. The higher your edge, the more aggressive your progression can be.

For example, in my roulette computer public demo, the edge was 120%. This is an enormous edge considering the house edge is -2.7% on the European wheel. So my edge was over 40 times greater than the normal edge casinos have over players. I won on around 93% of spins. In such a case, I could have easily applied the Martingale system, which is doubling bet size after losses. I would have won many times more if I applied this betting approach. But instead I applied a flat betting system where all bets were the same size.

If my edge was far lower, say about 10%, then a smarter strategy would be smaller progressive bets. For example, after a loss, I could increase my bet size by one unit. After a win, I could decrease bet size by one unit.

Ultimately the best roulette betting system depends on your edge. If you have no edge, then no progression is going to help you. And the aggression of your progression bets depends on your edge. Put another way, the greater your normal losing streak, the greater the risk of using progression roulette betting systems.

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