Best Online Casinos to Play Roulette: Can you get a refund from online casinos?

There’s no doubting online roulette is popular, but do I recommend it? If you intend to profit, the only online roulette you should ever play involves real roulette wheels. If you have read my sites, you would know you can’t beat random number generator roulette. But this article discusses some of the major differences between land-based and online casinos. And things to be aware of if you play online.

Beware of rogue casinos

A rogue casino is basically one that is run either illegally, in an obscure jurisdiction, or with very loose laws that enable unethical practice. For example, the casino may claim to be run from a particular jurisdiction such as the UK, but is actually run by a scammer in Nigeria. Unfortunately that’s the nature of the Internet. Anyone can publish a website and make any claim, and there will always be people who believe what they read.

Some rogue casinos create websites and names that are similar to reputable casinos. The idea is to fool unsuspecting gamblers. You’d think government authorities would do something about it, but just as soon as one scammer is shut down, more surface. And the regulatory authorities simply don’t have the resources to shut down every scam. Also with the use of proxies in jurisdictions like China, it makes finding the true location of websites very difficult. If you win at a rogue casino, it wont matter if your roulette system worked or not because you’ll probably be refused payout.

Are casino review sites honest?

There is no shortage of casino affiliate sites. Enter any gambling search term into Google, and you’re bound to find thousands. And of course each promotes their preferred casino as honest and trustworthy. An example is this  jackpot city casino review which promotes jackpot city casino. Another is lucky247 casino review promoting Lucky 24/7 casino. I’m not recommending either page – I’m using them as an example. You’ll see each casino has 5-star reviews, which looks great.

Hypothetically if you are interested in these casinos, first I would suggest Googling the terms:

Jackpot city complaints

Jackpot city payout refusal

Jackpot city rogue casino

Lucky 247 complaints

Lucky 247 payout refusal

Lucky 247 rogue casino

Of course if you search for complaints, you’ll probably find complaints. With enough customers, every business is bound to have at least some negative experiences and unhappy customers. What’s most relevant is the proportion of positive to negative experiences. But in the case of online casinos, even a single payout refusal is a red flag. Do I the casinos have any cases of payout refusal? I haven’t checked. The above is just an example.

Are negative reviews honest?

Sometimes a player may have a negative experience with the casino. For example, a big loss that the player has a hard time dealing with. Inevitably they may blame the casino and seek to harm it. And the easiest way to do this is publish fake negative reviews. It only takes one aggrieved player to publish 10 negative reviews, which all appear to be from different people. Then suddenly an honest casino has a “bad reputation”. So consider the bigger picture and be skeptical of a new forum member, or an anonymous message board comment.

One of the most popular casino review sites is Casino Meister. It has a good reputation and an active forum. But it’s easy to forget it is still ultimately a casino review site, which is not impartial, because the website owners receive commissions on referrals. In fact I believe much of their material is biased towards casinos I wouldn’t recommend. If you believe the first thing you read from anyone, your gullibility will probably lead you to being scammed.

Can you get money back if you are scammed by an online casino?

If you deposited money into your account with credit card, then you can get a refund. In fact, even if you lost fair and square to a reputable casino, you can get a refund if you paid by credit card. All you would need to do is tell your credit card company that you did not authorize the transaction. They then refund the money, cancel your card so further transactions cannot be made, and issue you with a new card.

This is known as a chargeback. But be aware that lying about the circumstances to request a chargeback is simply fraud. Yet it happens daily to honest online companies every day. Will you be charged with fraud? Very unlikely. You probably wouldn’t even be investigated because the dispute is entirely handled by the credit card company. A casino could complain to police, but they’re unlikely to get anywhere unless it involves a very large amount. This is one of the reasons I don’t accept credit cards from people I don’t know well. It allows dishonest chargebacks after players have received information and knowledge that can’t simply be returned.

If you had paid a casino with another method like bitcoin, there is no way to receive a refund unless you took the casino to court and won. But this is an enormous risk of time and money. There have been cases where players have been refused payouts of over $1 million, although the claims were unsuccessful ultimately because the casino makes the rules and holds all the cards. They can present whatever evidence they want, including server logs and betting records. In a private court case, it’s not so easy to get a subpoena to retrieve data from the casino’s servers. So theoretically the casino could fabricate any information or evidence they want, with no way of you proving its false.

I know this because an associate of mine was involved in a case where he had to prove his opposition fabricated emails. The only way he could do this is to get a warrant for the retrieval of information from an Internet service provider. But ultimately it was impossible to do because the federal police in his jurisdiction do not permit warrants in civil cases. So if you are a private citizen, you have no power to prove anything. You could make up any lie in a court case, or fabricate any email, and it would be your word against your opponents. It’s exactly the same case if you were to take a casino to court. You basically have no chance of winning in most cases, and the casinos know it.

So be careful of where you send your money, and do thorough research. In my experience, more than half of online casinos are dishonest in some way. This is no exaggeration, and I know of many cases where casinos have frozen funds (stolen funds) without giving explanation, and then completely ignore the player’s emails.

Real casinos are a very different story. They can’t hide behind rogue websites. They are almost always subject to strict rules that ensure proper conduct.

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