Are Online Roulette Games Realistic and Fair?

Most online roulette casinos provide a play-for-fun mode, so you can test the games. You may have noticed that your roulette system performs quite well in play mode, where there is no real money involved. So the question is: are the free mode games realistic and fair?

Marketing Tactics of Dishonest Casinos

I’d rather not name particular casinos, although there certainly more than one that engage in dishonest marketing practices. But many years ago I was testing a random number generator system, on the free game software provided by a casino. I found even when my bets were random, I would just keep winning. And every now and then, a pop-up would appear saying that it was my lucky day, and I should consider playing for real money. It was a rather big red flag, so I continuously bet on the same number and tested thousands of spins. Normally I would have expected to lose over time, but not surprisingly I continued to win.

By now you would have guessed that this was a rigged game, to trick players into thinking their system worked. But the results would have been very different once they started to play for real.

Unfortunately this kind of marketing tactic, as dishonest as it is, is quite common. So it’s always best to carefully research the best online casino sites. But there are many such sites that list the so-called best casinos. So it always pays to do careful research of individual casinos, regardless of reviews or ratings you find only on a specific website.

Online Roulette Simulators

There are various online roulette simulators, such as, which is the roulette simulator we have created. Our simulator does not endorse or promote any online casino in any way. We provide the game purely for our forum members to test and compare roulette strategies. Because we do not promote casinos through this game, you can be more assured that the game is fair. The spins are sourced from real casinos around the world. To better assure you that we do not deliberately make you lose or win, we publish the database of spins in an encrypted file. This is done before the spin file begins. Then when the spin file is complete, we provide the decryption passwords so you can verify the spins appeared correctly.

The game was originally designed as a social platform, and is dubbed multiplayer roulette by our roulette forum members (MPR for short). Every effort has been made to ensure the game is as realistic as possible. This includes not just the spins themselves, but also the betting limits.

The relevance of betting limits cannot be overstated. Real casino roulette has strict betting limits for a good reason. With very broad betting limits, a roulette system player with a clever progression can very easily win large sums in a short time. For example, if the player used the Martingale progression, they double their bet size after losses until they win. If they begin with a $10 bet on red, the following bets are $20, $40, $80, $160, $320. The maximum bet would be than five hundred dollars in most casinos.

Real casino table limits serve a few purposes. Firstly, it prevents wealthy individuals from making very large and lucky wins. And secondly, it prevents average players starting with low bankroll, from winning large sums with relatively little outlay.

This situation is well illustrated by a particular free online roulette simulator. It uses very broad table betting limits. For example, the minimum inside bet is $1. But the maximum inside bet is $1500, although only on particular inside bets – not individual numbers. To exploit this, the player can gradually increase their bet size to the maximum on individual numbers, which is $250. But then they can begin using a combination of other inside bets, which has the same effect as a much broader than usual betting limit. And when the betting limit is already unrealistically broad, it allows players to win very large sums.

At this particular simulator, the first red flag is seeing multiple players who have won millions of dollars on the leaderboard. Of course the funds aren’t real. It’s just play money.

When these same players attempt to play at a realistic casino, with realistic betting limits, the results are very different.

Remove Your Table Limits and I’ll Own Your Casino

A super-wealthy businessman once told a casino owner if they remove their betting limits, that they would lose their casino. And they were right. One way to illustrate this point is a particular number in roulette might not win for two hundred or more spins. So if you continued to bet on this number, you could simply increase your bet size until you won. Progression betting is not new, and it actually doesn’t help you win roulette in most cases, as I’ll explain later.

The only time progression betting guarantees you profit is when you have an unlimited bankroll, and no betting limit. So for the super wealthy businessman, who had even more money than the casino, he could continue to increase bet size until he won. Of course in reality, he would eventually run out of money because the bet size would become too large. But it is very unlikely to happen in his lifetime, because it can take hundreds of thousands of spins for a rare event to happen that would cause the player to hit the maximum bet.

Again don’t assume progression betting is the way to win. Because it’s in fact one of the best ways to lose, although I’ll explain this in another article.

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