4 Blackjack Skills That Can Earn You Money – Even If You’re A Beginner

Winning games in a casino require one to have various skills and knowledge. One of the skills that expert players use is the blackjack strategy. In this strategy, a player is required to create the highest hand without going above 21. Just like other games, you can learn, understanding the rules of blackjack games requires a little research and some practice. This article seeks to give you skills that you can use to win your blackjack games, even if you’re a beginner.

  1. Keep Things Simple

If it’s your first time playing blackjack games, you can be overwhelmed trying to understand blackjack rules and variations. Keeping things simple can help you start off well. When you hit the casino, identify a table which pays 3 to 2, and one that has a dealer standing on a soft 17.

Apart from that, you find a game with the lowest house edge possible. The rules of these games are flexible and offer options such as doubling totals, splitting many times and surrender. Gaining experience from these tables will help you know other rules and earn more profits.

  • Use a Strategy Card While Playing

Figuring blackjack games can be challenging for a beginner. So, to know the best strategy, you need a strategy card. Though many players may mock you when they notice you’re using this card, don’t be demoralized as long as you can keep the pace of the game. Using a strategy card will enable you to see the best play to make.

The other advantage of using this card is that after using it for a while, it will help you to make play decisions quickly and understand the most popular plays. If any of the players give you advice that is contrary to your strategy card, it would be best to decline it and follow the directions on your card. Also, if you’re playing blackjack on betsson.com, have your strategy card with you beside your computer.

  • Don’t Take Side Bets Like Insurance

Insurance is a popular type of side bet found in blackjack games. Casino dealers may entice you to take this side bet with the promise that you’ll break even. However, the challenge is that breaking even only occurs when the dealer’s got a natural blackjack. If he or she doesn’t have the card, you can still play the original bet.

Therefore, if you are a beginner who’s still learning how to play blackjack, avoid any side bets. That’s because side bets are ways that casinos are trying to add profit to a base game. So, sticking to the base game paying 3 to 2 for naturals can be a safe way to earn money.

  • Make Few Bets

Before you fully understand what’s involved in betting on blackjacks, you need to place a few bets. Risking more money and playing for long may make you lose a lot. You, therefore, want to set aside an amount of money to use in betting. If you lose your bets, don’t be like most blackjack players who ramp their bets in a bid to chase loses. Gambling is addictive, and letting your emotions be your guide while betting may cause you a great downfall.

The Bottom-line

Though betting on blackjack games may be a bit difficult for beginners, it’s easy to learn. By following these four strategies, you’ll learn more about the game, and increase your chances of winning. 

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