Your Guide to the Lesser-Known Roulette Strategies

Now that all in-house, online, and online live roulette games are professionally run and checked for fairness, the game of roulette is entirely a game of chance, unlike in the old days when clever bettors would exploit land-based casinos and their rigged roulette wheels to gain an added edge.

But that doesn’t mean that sensible bankroll strategies or betting strategies that can turn to odds in your favour can’t be deployed. Not only does using a strategy add an element of thinking and skill to your play, but it is also a way of making an already fun game even more enjoyable – especially if you get to gloat about the success of your strategy afterwards with an enhanced balance.

There are many different methods and strategies which the majority of avid bettors have tried to deploy or have at least heard of, such as the Labouchere, D’Alembert, Paroli. The biggest of them all, though, is the Martingale Method, which has even seen its strategy deployed to sports betting.

Today, though, we’re here to discuss some of the lesser-known strategies which may work for you. Although they are still very different to advantage play strategies, because they don’t give the player a legitimate long-term advantage.

Get dopey

Despite being known as the Dopey Experiment, this roulette strategy isn’t as silly as it sounds. Created by Los Angeles Times editor Andres Martinez, this strategy is very simple and very fun if you’re into your lucky numbers. It also is potentially quite rewarding and provides a decent edge.

The method is as simple as you can get, with you simply splitting your bankroll into 35 equal parts and betting on the same number for 35 spins. Even if you win, you carry on until you’ve completed one 35-spin cycle. As explained, using this method can be effective, fun, and you get a winning chance of 60.68%. Better still, you don’t need to deal with the sequences and mathematics of other popular methods with this clear-cut strategy.

Embrace the Chaos

With all roulette wheels online, in-house, and beamed via live streaming being professional, fair, and random, one of the best ways to play is to be as random as the game itself. The Chaos, at its base level, dictates that you should be as random as you can. So, once you’ve selected a roulette game, tap all over the screen to place chips everywhere. It’s best to do this on European or French tables over the American ones for the better base house edge as embracing the chaos won’t enhance your house edge, merely mirror the game’s random nature.

Some have taken the Chaos method a step further, with students of chaos theory finding a way to beat the roulette table. As shown by this report, the chaos theorists were able to mimic the motion of the wheel and ball to confirm predictions. To apply it to a real table outside of their experimental conditions, they say that the player simply needs to note how long it takes for the ball to pass a specific area of the wheel so that they can calculate its approximate velocity. From there, you can predict where on the wheel the ball will land, with the strategy winning them an 18% return overall.

Next time you log in to play some roulette or step into a land-based casino to test the wheel, see if these lesser-known roulette strategies bring you any joy.

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