What Street Art is Popular in Egypt?

Street art, all over the world, has been gaining popularity and is finally being recognized as a form of expressive art. Once upon a time, it was only seen as vandalism of public property, and was punishable by law. This is still the case in many countries, and is still considered to be as such in many areas in Egypt in particular. However, the good news is, the Egyptians are finally coming around to appreciate what this form of art represents.

Egyptian art in general is no stranger to the rest of the art world. It goes all the way back to ancient times where they created the written word and communicated through hieroglyphics, which were literally drawings on the wall. You can still see hieroglyphics used in books, interior design, and even computer games. Many casinos as well as online casinos use the ancient Egyptian themes and are extremely popular, in fact, you can even see the full game at Temple Slots where the ancient Egyptian theme is used throughout, and you’ll find that it is one of the most popular. So it’s fair to say that Egyptian art has lived through the ages and across a multitude of genres.

So this means that yet another Egyptian art form is coming to light, and that is street art. Let’s go over which kinds of street art in particular are getting attention.


Graffiti in Egypt really started to attract attention during times of revolution, where the youth would take to the streets to make political statements through their art. While many of these were destroyed, you can still find beautiful and strong statements and illustrations drawn on the walls of certain areas in Cairo. You’ll also find that the graffiti artist pays homage to many of their lost loved ones who died during revolutions by having their images and quotes illustrated on the streets.

The other side of the coin is that there are also many crews and talented graffiti artist that exist throughout Egypt and leave their marks across the cities by creating beautiful works of art. Many of them are still anonymous and unidentifiable as they still run the risk of being arrested, even though their work has not been destroyed.


Graffiti is the rawest form of street art, while murals are now becoming more and more acceptable. When speaking about the value of murals in Egypt, you’ll find that over the past couple of years, businesses have taken a liking to having street artists paint murals to promote their businesses, or even decorate their place of business. 

One of the most famous murals in the world to date was created by AlSeed, a famous street artist that went to Cairo’s less fortunate areas that is struck by poverty, and created an enormous mural over the span of a couple of buildings. 

The point here is, both murals and graffiti have made their mark in the Egyptian culture, and is quickly becoming more and more appreciated and accepted by the masses as the credible work of art that it is. It is daring and expressive, and the streets of Egypt are only gaining more culture because of it.

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