What Can We Expect from Online Roulette in 2021?

Roulette is undoubtedly one of the most iconic casino games. Roulette has been played in different variations since the 1700s, and it is still among the most popular casino games both online and offline around the world – also in Canada, where roulette is increasingly played online rather than at brick-and-mortar casinos. Canadians are avid online gamblers, with an estimated 19.3 million Canadians playing online regularly.

However, online gambling is a dynamic industry that is always changing and developing. What kind of changes is facing online roulette in 2021?

We have been discussing the trends for online roulette in 2021 with our casino expert Daniel Bennet, who has noted particularly the rise in the popularity of live roulette online. Daniel has enjoyed playing at both online and offline casinos for over a decade and nowadays enjoys live roulette online as much as at land-based casinos in Las Vegas. You can read more about this avid gambler.

Live Roulette

Live Roulette brings the excitement and the unmistakable atmosphere of a land-based casino to your screen through the latest technology. As the name suggests, the game features real live croupiers, who spin the wheel while high-quality streaming allows you to enjoy the game in real-time. Live roulette online is expected to grow even more in popularity in 2021, as the game providers keep developing more and more interesting variations to the classic game.

Different Rules Roulette

If you want to play roulette online, first you need to find a suitable online casino. It is advisable to check reviews on Canadian casinos online to ensure that the casino you have chosen holds the relevant license to operate in Canada. Once you have chosen your casino, you can head to the roulette table but choose your game wisely. While the basic gameplay of roulette is very simple, there are a few variations to the game to be aware of.

The main difference between the European and the American version is the number of zeros: the European roulette wheel has just one zero, while the American roulette wheel sports a zero and a double zero. This raises the house edge, so the player has lower chances of winning in the American version.

French roulette uses the same wheel as European roulette, but there are two possible rule variations compared to the other versions. In both American and European roulette, the player loses their even-money bet if the roulette ball lands in the zero slot. In French roulette, however, you might get a second chance with either one of the following rule variations:

  • En Prison: losing even-money bet stays “imprisoned” on the table for the next round. If the same bet wins on the next round, the stake is returned to the player.
  • La Partage: losing even-money bet is split 50-50 between the house and the player, so the player gets half of their bet back

Apart from these variations that are familiar from the land-based casinos, you may come across many different types of online roulette. There is no limit to the imagination of the game developers, and the many various different online roulette types make playing this classic game even more fun.

Mobile Gameplay

Nowadays any online casino worth its salt focuses on its mobile gameplay. The use of mobile devices is common around the world even in developing countries, let alone in the developed world, where most people use their phones for everything. This is true also in Canada, which is actually one of the few countries – if not the only one – where women use their mobile phones for gambling more than men. An estimated 55 % of female gamblers in Canada use their phones rather than computers to access the casino sites.

Therefore, it goes without saying that mobile functionality of an online casino site is extremely important. Some casinos opt for developing a mobile app, while others trust that optimizing their site for mobile use is enough. There are pros and cons for both solutions. Typically using an app offers the user the best possible experience and increases loyalty for the brand, however, many people do not wish to clog up their phone’s memory with too many apps.

Technological changes in mobile technology are sure to bring about even more possibilities in 2021. It is expected that the ever-improving graphics and functionality will give the players even more of an immersive gaming experience so that playing roulette online on a mobile phone will resemble the brick-and-mortar casino experience even more.


Roulette, like many other casino games, is going in the direction of mobile gaming, immersive live-dealer versions of the game and an ever-growing variety of the same old popular game

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