Things To Consider When Trying Roulette at Land-Based Casino For The First Time

Online gambling has been with us now since the ’90s, but in March 2020 it had an unexpected rise in popularity as much of the world was put into lockdown. So for the last 2 years with these lockdowns being in force, gamblers have turned to online casinos to provide the thrills and entertainment once given by physical casinos. 

During the start of 2020, there would have been a large number of land-based casino users that were forced to try online casinos for the first time. Although that is something they would have done out of necessity rather than want, many of them will have found that they relish the experience and have enjoyed the last year and a half playing in that way. This means that they might well be reluctant to return to using land-based casinos once again or that they’ll need to get used to playing in a physical setting rather than a virtual one. For those who maybe aren’t ready to mingle with large crowds again, these top roulette sites have been reviewed by expert online casino testers for your safety.

Why People Might Play Roulette

With the range of online gaming available, often those that would only play poker in a physical casino have been tempted to try other games online. Roulette has proved to be a popular choice in this regard.

This change for existing gamblers has also been bolstered by a new generation of gamblers that have come to the fold, many of these new gamblers have not stepped foot in a physical casino. These

gamblers are missing out on the thrill and excitement of roulette sat in front of a physical table. 

The fact that before the lockdown was upon us physical casinos had not felt a decline in the number of players is a testament to how good it feels to gamble in a real casino. Roulette is the perfect game for this – it combines all the glamour, sophistication and raw excitement one imagines. With the growing popularity of Roulette and the reopening of casinos in our towns and cities, many of these newfound lovers of roulette will wish to try their luck in a physical casino.

The Re-Opening of Land-Based Casinos

Now that physical casinos have reopened, there is nothing stopping you from experiencing the flavour of adrenaline-pumping fun only venue based casinos can offer. To ensure you are going to have the best time possible, here are a few differences you should be aware of between online and physical casino roulette games.

The first, and most obvious, is that you need to go to the casino. Whereas online gambling is often something we do as an aside to our evenings, a bricks and mortar casino is going to be the centre of your entertainment for the night. It’s a perfect place to take friends to share in the fun. Choosing how best to travel there will depend on your own circumstances, but if travelling by car be sure to plan for car parking and a dedicated driver who won’t be having alcoholic drinks.

When you arrive at the Casino, you are likely to need to comply with social distancing requirements, these may include facemasks.

When you are inside the casino, you may be expecting many roulette wheels, with different games to play. An online casino is likely to offer American as well as European or French Roulette. But that is going to be the second difference between an online and a physical casino. In most physical casinos, there will only be one roulette wheel and game to play.

Especially of interest to those that have developed an interest in roulette gaming at land-based casinos rather than enjoying online gaming is that there are often no free games. With most online casinos offering free games and free spins, becoming accustomed to games in a pressure free way is easy. If you want to play without risking your money, an online casino can offer this. But in a physical casino, there are no free games and no free spins. So if you are new to roulette in a physical casino
 proceed with caution until you find your feet.

Land-Based Casinos Offer a Slower Pace

Playing roulette in an online casino is undoubtedly faster. We have all become used to knowing our odds and payout amounts instantly, with a computer somewhere churning the information out in double-quick time. In a physical casino, things are a little different, and a little time is needed for the croupier to take care of these things after a spin.

With that said you may be thinking it’s a lot more involved than a quick online roulette game. It is, but that is part of the fun and reward for this style of gaming. The experience is different, indeed one you need to experience for yourself. Taking your seat at a real roulette table and feeling the anticipation of each spin there right in front of you.

Online casinos have come a long way in doing their best to bring this feeling of realness and immediacy to us through our devices. With things like live stream croupiers and live spins. But to feel the tension building in a real casino as the action builds up is something that can really only be experienced in person.

You will find the chips in your hand; eagerly awaiting your chosen time to place them on the betting table is a completely different experience than placing a bet online.

Physical casinos are tightly regulated and licenced, with no fraud or cheating, though the experience is new to you, you can feel safe and comfortable that you are in a reputable business establishment. With a physical casino your game won’t be affected by your mobile signal, so no more interrupted games and lost winnings.

There is definitely room for both land-based and online casinos in the gambling industry and it is likely that some customers will continue to enjoy both.

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