The Best Payout Casinos for Roulette Players

We know that roulette is one of the most popular casinos games worldwide, but what many gamblers don’t know is that the RTP/edge can change depending on which online casino you play at. According to the SlotsHawk team who we have worked alongside to bring to you this article, the overall payout rating of an online casino depends on several factors which we will explain to you here. We will also try to decipher which online casino offers the best value for money when you are playing Roulette.

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Factors Which Make the Best Paying Casino’s

The biggest factor which separates the high payout casinos from the rest are the number of casino games they offer which come with a high RTP percentage. Where roulette is concerned, the best Roulette game based on RTP is European Roulette, which, on average, pays out at an RTP of 97.3% per spin. The house edge on American Roulette, on the other hand, is usually much higher at most casinos.

The second factor which increases an online casinos payout is based on the bonuses they offer. For example, if an online casino offers wager free spins on slot machines, then the payout will increase, as these wager free spins will reward lucky players with wins. Not many casinos will offer wager free spins, so when you get the chance to trigger them, we recommend doing so.

The third component is based around the payment methods offered. Some casino payment methods will charge you for making deposits and withdrawals, it goes without saying that you should not use these. Payment methods such as PayPal and debit cards will not charge you for casino deposits and withdrawals. Almost all online casinos will allow their players to deposit with debit cards. However, only a certain number accept deposits via PayPal. For this reason, online casinos accepting PayPal deposits will have a higher overall payout value.

The final factor which makes a casino payout the most is if they have caps on their bonuses. Some online casinos will cap their winnings. For example, one site could offer 50 free spins to all new players, but they could cap the total winnings using those spins at £10. Automatically this will significantly decrease the value of the free spins and therefore the total payout value of the casino.

Our Picks of the Best Paying Casinos for UK European Roulette Gamblers

We have provided a short list of the top three highest paying casinos for Roulette players. In all three scenarios, European Roulette offers by far the lowest casino edge and the highest payout.

1.      Skol Casino – 99.06%

There are several European Roulette games from different providers at Skol casino, all of which offer different payout levels. If you play 3D European Roulette by Iron Dog Studios at Skol Casino, you will get an RTP level of 98.65%. This RTP level is one of the highest out of all casino games.

2.      Playzee Casino – 98.65%*

If you play 3D Roulette at Playzee casino, you can play with an RTP of 98.65% providing you play even money bets. For the rest of the board, the RTP stands at 97.3%.

3.      All British Casino – 97.30%

You can play standard European Roulette at All British Casino with an RTP level of 97.30%. When it comes to standard American Roulette games, it is unlikely you will ever be able to play with an RTP of over 95%. Therefore, European Roulette offers by far the greater value for your money.

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