Should You Play Roulette In 2020?

Traditional casino games have been around for hundreds of years and roulette remains one of the most popular. With so many new gambling options available for punters, the question is should you play roulette or opt for a different option? In this article, I will talk about roulette developments and which version of this classic title you should be playing in 2020.

Online Roulette

If you are going to be playing roulette in 2020 you can opt for the online version instead of visiting a land-based casino. The games are identical but you save time as there is no traveling along with the cost of getting there but the main advantage is the bonuses on offer. You may get free drinks or food at land-based casinos but you will not get any free chips to play with. At online casinos, there is an abundance of promotions that will help to increase your bankroll and therefore provide a greater chance to win in the short-term. For the latest promotions you can visit Casino Captain which lists of these types of promos.

Play Roulette Without Zero

Over the years there have been many different versions of roulette with the main difference being how many zeros the board has. The American version has two zeros; therefore this increases the house edge to 5.26%. When you compare it to the European version at 2.63% there is a major difference. In 2020 though you can find versions that have removed the zero, therefore providing zero edges.

Provably Fair Roulette

Another recent development in the game of roulette is linked to blockchain technology. Developers have created a blockchain version of roulette which for the first time offers genuine provably fair odds. This is possible to the blockchains ledger as it means that bets that are confirmed on the network of decentralized computers are transparent and therefore verifiable.

Free Chips For Roulette Without Depositing

If you want to play roulette but do not want to risk gambling your money, you can take advantage of free chip bonuses. These are special promotions that give a reward of free credits to players when they register for an account for the first time. It can be time-consuming searching the internet for these offers, but it is well worthwhile as they eliminate your risks.

Final Thoughts

New technology is helping to improve the game of roulette and its popularity does not look like it will slow down anytime soon. Zero house edge roulette has added a new dimension to this classic and helped to attract new gamblers to the table. With such odds on offer that has never been seen in the gambling industry before, it is no surprise to see the sector booming. With so much money at stake, it has driven competition and development which is great for gamblers as many operators have lucrative bonuses available to try to compete in this huge market place. With the correct strategy along with discipline, it is now possible to beat the house and come out on top.

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