Best Roulette System for Casinos in Greece

What is the overall best roulette system for casinos in Greece? Is there really a system that beats roulette? The answer is yes. Casinos know this, and this is the reason why they ban many strategies. A professional gambler must fully understand the following concepts.

Are the casinos in Greece different?

The casinos in Greece are much the same as the rest of the world, although the average conditions are significantly easier for winning roulette. This is for a few reasons, but mainly comparatively poorly trained staff. Also generally the roulette wheels are not as well maintained compared to other regions.

Beat the house edge

Casinos have an edge over the players. The edge is computed at -2.7% for European roulette. For the American version, it is -5.26%. This is an inbuilt advantage of the house. The payout system incorporates it to ensure the casino’s profit.

Roulette in Greece
Casinos in Greece are usually easier to beat.

Here’s another way to understand the house edge. Think of it as the realistic expected value of -0.027. A player can expect only this value for each chip. The negative value means that every chip is expected to lose 0.027 even if it wins.

Many gamblers might be daunted by the house edge. However, this is a very small edge. The edge is based on the standard payout and the random chance. You can’t change payout, but you can affect random chance. Therefore, you beat the edge by influencing random chance.

Understanding random chance

The random chance is the probability of a bet winning in a spin. For a bet on a straight, the probability that you win is 1/37. The probability that you lose is 36/37. This is the mathematics of the game.

Bets on larger groups, such as dozens or columns, have higher probability. However, they have lower payouts. This is the rule for any bet. There is small probable win with high probable loss. The net result is always a probable loss, also known as the house edge.

Don’t depend on random chance, then. You can’t beat roulette with mere probability. There’s a way around that, though. With improved predicting accuracy, you lower the probable loss. A highly accurate method is even better. A positive realistic value can then be expected for every bet. When this happens, you swing the edge in your favor.

Finding roulette wheels that can be beaten

Casinos spend thousands for software to analyze wheels. It is evident that casinos are well aware how roulette can be beaten. Players can beat roulette by finding flaws in the wheels. Casinos know that professional players use physics and not mere mathematics.

Test for dominant diamonds. These are the metal deflectors around the wheel. Evaluate a wheel. Make a record of metal deflectors that are repeatedly hit by the ball. If some deflectors are hit more often, it means there are dominant diamonds. This presence indicates high wheel predictability.

Take time to evaluate wheels. Some wheels are more predictable than others. Always remain inconspicuous, even when you’re not winning yet. Casino staff may change the wheels if they notice what you’re doing.

Predicting ball bounce

Take note where the ball hits the wheel the first time. Estimate how far it bounces after it leaves that first spot. Repeat this procedure until you feel confident that there is a pattern. Whatever system you use, it must be repeatable.

This system will work if you’re prepared for it. You must very familiar with the wheel layout. Mentally convert the estimated distance of bounce into number of pockets.

Identify the approximate sector where the ball will land. You have to be quick in placing a bet. Late bets may make the casino staff suspicious of your methods. They may change the wheel. They can also stop accepting bets before you even start winning.

Methods that don’t work

You’ve heard about betting progression systems. Some of these are the Martingale and Lebouchere. “Odds are on a streak” or “reds are due” are also familiar phrases. These are all roulette fallacies. Don’t waste your money by betting based on these systems.

By now, you have a clear understanding about probability. You know that each number has an equal chance of winning or losing. Whatever amount you place as bet does not improve your luck. You can’t predict what is “due” or “on a streak” because of equal probability.

You can’t beat roulette using random chance because of the unfair payout and inbuilt house edge.

Study roulette physics

Several systems support roulette physics to beat the game. This includes use of software or electronic gadgets to evaluate the physical factors of roulette. Not everything that you hear or see about systems in these categories is reliable. They cost a lot of money, so you must be very careful when deciding to invest in them.

Gamblers may use wheel imperfections in their favor. Many also use visual ballistics to win over roulette. These strategies require less cost but entail in-depth evaluation. The dealer’s signature is another strategy used by gamblers. For this reason, casinos rotate their assigned dealers or croupiers regularly.

From these you may find the best roulette system for casinos in Greece. These methods take time. They require many spins before they can be considered reliable. The main idea is to study the physical variables of the game. Roulette is a game of chance that incorporates the house edge. With a little physics, this chance can be influenced and the house edge can be overcome.

The free roulette systems that work

To win, you have to apply the best roulette system for casinos in Greece. The best system is the one that works for you. Take time to master various systems. Use the one you’re most comfortable with. It has to be based in the physics of roulette. Combine or shift from one system to another, whichever is favorable. Be as unnoticeable as possible.

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