Best Roulette Strategy for Casino in New Zealand

There are various strategies to win roulette in New Zealand casinos. Roulette is quite simple; yet many gamblers lose a fortune at roulette tables. As with any other game, it’s important to have a game plan. We will discuss the tips and tricks that work, and those that don’t. With this article, we’ll help you pick the best roulette strategy for casino in New Zealand.

Which roulette wheels are most profitable?

Don’t place your bets on the first available table. Scan the casino. Look for the wheel with the European layout. It is the roulette wheel with the single zero. There may not be much difference between the European and American versions, except the extra slot. The added double-zero, however, can spell the difference between making you a winner or a loser. Your chance of winning a straight bet is 1/37 in the European wheel. In the American wheel, it’s even slimmer at 1/38.

Comparing real vs RNG roulette

Casinos often offer the convenience of online roulette. Don’t bet on random number roulette because they’re actually slot machines. You can’t win over slot machines. If you do prefer online roulette, choose live roulette video feeds. These are real wheel roulette but made available to you online. However, there’s still no way to increase your chance of winning in New Zealand but in casinos with physical wheels.

Evaluating wheels for bias and defects

Casinos know that wheel imperfection significantly contribute to wheel biases. This is the reason why they spend so much in evaluating their wheels and replacing those found to be imperfect. Biases are caused by slight imperfections in the design or manufacture of wheels. They can also be the result of the wheel’s inclination. Biases often result to increased predictability of the winning number. You can take advantage of this bias. It may take time to properly evaluate a wheel, but it pays to be patient and intelligent in your gambling.

Take advantage of the dealer’s signature

Dealers are trained to avoid developing a noticeable pattern. Humans as they are, a pattern or signature is unavoidable. Dealers get tired, and you can make this work to your advantage. The dealer’s signature affects the speed of the wheel and the ball and the presence of dominant diamonds. These things will help you estimate the sector where there’s high probability of winning.

Be discrete and avoid detection

If you believe that you have the best roulette strategy for casino in New Zealand, remember to always be discrete. Casinos will try to find out about your methods once they notice that you’re winning consistently. If your systems are not considered legal, you can be denied of your winnings. If your systems are legal, they will alter the conditions to disrupt your winning streak. They may change the wheel, change the dealer, or announce “no more bets!” Whichever situation you’re in, it’s always best to be very discrete.

Overcome the house edge

Casinos make money because of this edge. The house edge is a built-in feature that is based on random chance and the payout system. A bet, as explained previously, has 1/37 chance of winning. Imagine betting a chip on all 37 slots. Definitely, you will win because you have made a bet on all slots. You have spent 37 chips; however, you will be paid only 36 chips (35 to 1). One chip goes to the house even if you win. This one chip, representing 1/37 (-2.7%), is the house edge. To overcome the house edge, you cannot just rely on the 1/37 random chance. You have to increase your accuracy in predicting the winning number. This is the only way to win roulette.

Don’t use betting progression

Betting progression strategies, such as the Martingale and Labouchere, are systems that have always failed. The mechanics of these techniques involve increasing the bet after a loss. Their aim is to recoup previous losses by large winnings. Without a win, however, the losses accumulate, and the risk of losing everything increases.

Don’t bet on misconceptions

A sequence of odds does not make evens “due”, or vice versa. It is the same misconception as the belief that since reds have appeared in a series, the next spin will be a red. Red, black, evens, odds, and any number has 1/37 chance of spinning next. Bets should be made on physical factors that really affect the behavior of the ball.

Why you must avoid busy tables

Busier tables will have infrequent spins because payouts will take a longer time with more players. For this reason, it is wise to avoid busy nights, such as Fridays and Saturdays. Pick tables with moderate number of players. This table will be ideal for keeping a low profile and more frequent spins.

The best roulette strategy for casino in New Zealand, and elsewhere in the world, is to overcome the house advantage using physics. Whatever system you use, exercise discretion at all times. Take time to study and find a system that works best for you. Roulette is best won over a long period of time. Don’t be greedy or impatient.

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