Online Casino: How Legal Is It In Malaysia?

Malaysia is a beautiful place to vacation. It has a wonderful beach and tourist attraction. However, if you are craving for the gambling scene like Las Vegas, you may not find it in Malaysia. Gambling anywhere in Malaysia is illegal. There are a lot of people trying to find loopholes, but there is practically none. Sometimes, you might get lucky and find something, but that’s usually in the gray area. People decided to be smart about and try online gambling. After all, it is a smart loop hole because if you are not on the Malaysian land, and is on the internet, it might not be illegal.

Online gambling is technically illegal in Malaysia. However, there are ways around it. Usually, gambling is often overlooked or swept under the rug. In fact, a lot of Malaysian people often place bets over the Internet on a daily basis. This does not mean that you are completely safe doing online betting in Malaysia, you just have to be aware of the law and take some precaution. There are a huge number of protests to ban gambling, but it still continues. This is why it’s crucial to understand the laws before pursuing in any online gambling adventure in Malaysia.

Malaysia is a Muslim country, so any form of gambling is considered illegal. Plus, the Civil Contract Law in Malaysia states that any form of gambling or wagering is avoided. That means, if you lose a bet to another person, you can refuse to pay, and the winner cannot pursue any legal actions against you. This is mainly because if they try, they can get into jail or pay a hefty fine so it’s not worth it. This kind of makes gambling useless and less exciting knowing that someone can skip out on the payment. Then again, these issues have caused a rise in gangs and fighting. People are bribed or threaten not to say anything, and if they do, their family could get hurt. That is how you know that gambling is practically everywhere, but it’s kept very hidden.

The most popular online gambling site would be that is often a place where Malaysians would go to place their wage or gamble their heart out. There are also other online sites, but it’s important to be very cautious. You might want to hide your IP address or keep it on the down low that you are gambling. Because of the conservative environment of Malaysia, any form of gambling is considered illegal, and you can be easily punished.

Then again, the Malaysian government is more lenient on online gambling. That means if you do get caught gambling online, you might not get punished. They may just ignore it because there are bigger crimes that they are trying to crack. Even though it’s wrong, but a lot of people do get away with it despite getting caught by the government officials. So the question remains, how do we know what is considered dangerous to the point of punishment, and what isn’t? Since everything is practically in the gray area, it’s important to dive deeper and really take a look at what’s going on. Before you partake in your gambling adventure, here are some of the laws to take into consideration.

Betting Act 1953

This law pretty much stays that any form of gambling is illegal. Even if you were to do telecommunication and transmit bets, you could get into serious trouble. This act pretty much covers all loopholes from left to right, so it’s impossible to escape. The act claims that if you are caught gambling, you will have to pay up to 200,000 Ringgit and get up to five years in jail.

However, this penalty only occurs if you are operating a betting house or participating in it. Because of its unclear statement, it’s really hard to label any betting website as a betting house. Therefore, that is one possible loophole to escape if you were to do online betting instead of betting in the Malaysian country. After all, a betting house is a specific place that is used to keep betting or wagering in either cash or credit. It is also a place for constant betting and wagering, and any place with a bookmaker for receiving or negotiating bets and wager. Just look at Las Vegas’ Bellagio, Caesar Palace, or Mirage, these are all betting houses.

Therefore, it is hard to say that an online website or mobile device, is a betting house because it’s not a place. However, the good news is Malaysia laws usually don’t target individual gamblers; they preferred to penalize individuals who operate a betting house. It makes sense because if you target individual gambler, you might as well arrest 70 percent of the country’s citizen.

Common Gaming House Act 1953

This act focuses on penalizing those who operate gaming, or betting house or even individuals who are caught in one. If you are caught inside a gaming house, you can get fined up to 5000 Ringgits or get around six months of prison time. The term gaming house is a little bit different from betting house, but it’s really hard to place gaming websites underneath that category. Then again, if you are caught in there and not gambling, but just walking around, you may not get punished. However, if you are caught gambling in there, then there’s not much that you can say, but to accept the punishment.

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Sharia Law

Since the majority of the Malaysians constitute the culture of Islam, then the Sharia law only applies to Islamic individuals. If you are Chinese, India, or other nationality, then the Sharia law does not pertain to you. According to Sharia law, any form of gambling, even online is forbidden for 60% of the country which is the Islamic culture. This can be very tough for the Islamic individual who loves to gamble because with the Sharia law, they have made a clear statement that is impossible to find a definite loophole. It is clear that anyone who is from the Islamic culture in Malaysia will get punished if they were to gamble online.

Other Acts

For some reason, there is additional money exchange entertainment that is allowed. For example, the lottery act of 1952 allows Malaysians to pursue lotteries, while the racing act of 1961 permits betting on horse races. It only makes sense because the country can tax on lotteries and horse racing does contribute towards economic growth. It’s a popular activity that promotes entertainment and influx of cash flow. It’s like football in America, people can place bets, and the game improves the economy, so it is allowed. However, the status of online gambling in Malaysia is still very mysterious.

Since there are no clear references to online gambling, so the governments have left that market unregulated. The government does not issue any license for the online market, but they do have ones for casinos. They do try to persuade their citizens not to gamble online. Because of the uncertainty in the laws involving all gambling, there are Internet cafés across the countries that promote illegal gambling avenues. Because of this ambiguity, a lot of online gamblers continue their activity without getting into any sort of trouble.

Popular Markets

Badminton and football is the most popular game that people often take part in. There is a lot of money being gambled and bookmarked online. People often bet on football and horse track racing. In addition, the only legal home betting and casino in Malaysia is the Genting highland resort. It is practically a tourist attraction with over 6100 feet above sea level. Since the place is a tourist attraction, the country would lose a lot of money if they take away the casino aspect of it. Gambling and betting can bring a lot of cash flow to the Malaysian country, that is why they let things slide when it comes to the Genting Highland.

I guess if Malaysian citizen that wants to gamble without consequences can visit this casino. Its unique setting and entertainment is a breathtaking place that every visitor should see.

Major Gambling Events

The Domestic Super League is the most popular and well-known competition in Malaysia. This country is best known for its international scene and hosting Motor sporting event. The Formula One Grand Prix X and the motorcycle Grand Prix world champion are often the sports that Malaysians love to partake and gamble on. The track often posts a lot of races since the 1960s.

These tracks are a phenomenal way of getting your gambling addiction going. These ambiguous laws would slide when it comes to motor races. The race brings excitement and adrenaline to the country. This can promote a better economy by loosening up the gambling law to allow formula one racing.

The Political Situation In Malaysia

There is some part of Malaysia where both video games and gambling is completely banned. However, with the creation of Internet cafés that provide closed-circuit television to watch for police and government officials, people can come in and privately play games or gamble. Plus, these Internet café often mask your IP address, so it’s really hard for the government to identify the users.

That is why it’s not recommended to stay at home to gamble because the government can trace your IP address and identify you and your location. In 2010, the Malaysian gaming group announced that they have purchased over 70% of Ascot sports for over 500 million Ringgits it. The significant part is that Ascot has a license to pursue sports betting in the country. Eventually, the betting arena has come under fire because the governments are protesting and denying that any such license exists under the law.

Another thing to keep in mind is that Muslims in Malaysia are extremely against gambling. There is a constant protest over any legal form of gambling in the country. There were always various attacks that Muslim has on Chinese gambler. This protest has led to a lot of controversies and changes in gambling law.

Online Gambling Made Easier

The great part about gambling in Malaysia is that you can partake in other gambling websites that are located in another country. Players can deposit online or at any ATM using a direct bank transfer. If they win, they can request this as the same method. There are a variety of banks that can be supported by Malaysia, and it works very well for any online Gambler that wants to cash in or out. Even though it is claimed that gambling in your own home and business is OK, but only do that if you have special software that can hide your identity.

The future of gambling in Malaysia is still unknown. There are still a lot of strict laws that prohibit gambling, wagering, betting, or any form of money exchange. However, these laws and regulations are very ambiguous. For example, these laws often target people who own and operate betting houses which leave a lot of room for interpretation for online gambling. Since the government does not regulate online gambling, it has become a popular way of betting and wagering. In fact, some police and government officials do gamble under grown without anyone knowing.

After all, they don’t target individual gambler, they emphasize more on people who owns a betting house. Because of this, a lot of Malaysian often utilize Internet cafés to place their bets. Plus, the law also allows certain places to have a betting house such as the Genting highland resort mainly because of its tourist attraction and unique building. In addition, the Muslim’s constant protest against gambling can put a damper on things, but in the future, they might be more open-minded. This is mainly because of the fact that gambling does bring some economic benefits to the country, they may loosen up the law in the future to allow certain wagers and gamble to be legal.

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