The Ins And Outs Of Roulette

Think of a casino game and the one that often springs most readily to mind is roulette. The crowd gathered round the table, the sound of the ball circling and dropping, the reaction of the spectators as a high roller carries off a big win. The rise and rise of the online casino has only gone to make it more popular than ever before as it’s a game that lends itself perfectly to this form of gaming too.

Another part of the game’s appeal is its great simplicity, especially when compared with a card game like poker. After all, it really just consists of betting on a number, or numbers, and winning if any of them come up.

But that is to overlook the strategic complexities of the game, as well as the essential elements of knowledge that any player needs if they’re to give themselves a winning advantage.

There are a number of guides that suggest the basics of roulette, these guides are essential reading for newbies. The first is the choice of table, American or European. When the game made its way from France across the Atlantic the Americans immediately saw a way to increase the house advantage – namely by adding a 00 space to the single 0 featured on the European version. This effectively raised the house edge from 2.7% to 5.26% – so make sure to pick the European version when you get the chance.

In terms of a betting strategy there is always the temptation to go for a single number and look forward to a 35:1 payout – but these returns are so high because the likelihood of the number coming up is more remote. Wins are more frequent if you cover as many numbers as possible with a bet. The returns may not be so impressive though. And if you understand the rest of this site, more numbers doesn’t mean you have a greater chance of profiting in the long term.

Take a look online and you’ll also find that there are no end of strategies that are put forward which promise to help you break the bank at the casino. Perhaps the most widely known is the martingale. Theory behind this is that each time you lose you should double your stake on the next round as you will inevitably win eventually. However the one factor that it overlooks is just how quickly your stakes can escalate if there’s a losing streak. For example if you start with a £5 bet it just takes a losing sequence of seven for you to be putting £320 on the spin of the wheel.

There are a number of valid approaches that use physics to beat the odds. In this you need to take a number of factors into consideration.

Of course there are tales of people walking away from roulette tables with seven figure sums, including some very high profile examples, and they may have used their own strategies to succeed. But the one thing that everyone has in common is that no-one knows for sure where the little white ball with land. However, there are still a few legitimate methods that can predict where the ball will land, with sufficient accuracy to overcome the house edge.

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