How To Win Roulette In Las Vegas – What’s The Best Roulette Strategy?

How to win roulette in Las Vegas is essentially the same for anywhere in the world. The best winning roulette systems are listed on this website. This article discusses information specific to Las Vegas.

More players ask me about winning in Las Vegas than any other region. After all it is the most popular region for all things gambling. This article will discuss the recommended methods and approaches for winning roulette. They apply to both professional and beginner players.

Best Way To Win Roulette In Las Vegas

The best way to win almost any roulette is with the use of a roulette computer. These are electronic cheating devices that predict where the ball will land. But the problem is they are highly illegal in Las Vegas. After all the entire region relies on the profitability of gambling games for the casinos. So they take professional roulette computer teams very seriously, and using roulette computers can put you in jail for a long time. It’s a very different story in other parts of the world where roulette computers are completely legal. No casino will allow them, but it doesn’t mean you are breaking any laws by using them. So the worst the casino can do is ban you, although still it is easy enough to sneak in again. Even in casinos that require identification, you can easily use a different name because casinos do not usually have access to databases that specify name changes.

There are other very good methods to win roulette in Las Vegas, which are completely legal, although I will explain them later in the article.

Where are Roulette Computers Legal?

If you pick a random jurisdiction throughout the world, there’s about a 50% chance that the computers will be legal there. The most common jurisdictions for legal roulette computer use are in Europe. However, there are several surrounding regions which are close to Las Vegas, where the roulette computers are legal. It is relatively easy to determine if they are legal, although this won’t be discussed in this article.

Is Vegas Roulette Different To Other Regions?

The roulette wheel is used in Las Vegas are no different to anywhere else in the world, other than the fact that they use the American 00 wheel format. So instead of just a single green zero, there are two green pockets.

The house edge is also much greater for the American roulette wheel. An example is the payout for an individual number win is 35 to 1. On the European wheel, there are 37 pockets including zero. But on the American 00 wheel, there are 38 pockets which include the single and 00. The house edge of the European wheel is -2.7%, but the edge of the American 00 wheel is 5.26%.

The manufacturers of roulette wheels are the same pretty much wherever you go throughout the world. The most common wheels are made by John Huxley and Cammegh. There are a few other manufacturers, but at least these are the main ones. So wherever you go, including Las Vegas, roulette is going to be much the same.

From my personal experience with roulette in Las Vegas, there are just some minor procedure differences. And they do vary between casinos. For example, most casinos throughout the world predictably alternate the direction of the wheel, known as the rotor. But in Vegas, the rotor may spin for one direction for a few hours, and then the other direction for another few hours. This is done in attempt to make professional roulette systems less effective, but it actually makes winning easier. This is because it takes less time to analyse data.

The Rules of Roulette in Las Vegas

You can learn the basic rules of roulette, which includes a bets, odds, and payouts. It also explains some of the basic rules. But if you are looking for something more advanced, see the page that explains how to win at roulette. It explains single facts about how roulette can and can’t be beaten.

Avoiding roulette systems that lose

It is believed that more systems have been devised for roulette, than any other casino game. And just about every system loses for the same reasons.

Probably the most common roulette betting strategy in Las Vegas is called the Martingale. This is where the player doubles their bet on the next spin after losing. The reason this doesn’t work is simple. The strategy doesn’t even consider where the ball will land. The player is so focused on winning back the losses, they forget to consider what really matters.

A simple example is the player betting on the first dozen. They may lose their first bet, then double their bet on the next spin. If they win, they get back their losses and earn a profit. But if they lose, then they’ve just compounded their losses. The fatal flaw with the Martingale strategy is that it does not at all increase the accuracy of predictions. In this case, the odds of one dozen spinning next is no different to that in previous spins, or future spins. The of simply don’t change, and the variation of bet sizes dozen at all help the player. It is probably the most common gambler’s fallacy.

On a final note, the truth is not always popular. The only systems that really beat roulette are much more difficult to apply than the typical roulette system. Most systems can be learnt and applied in a matter of minutes. The casinos love players that use these systems, because they are guaranteed to lose. Unfortunately most websites that provide roulette betting tips do not even consider the accuracy of information. Such websites exist mostly to sell advertising and promote online casinos.

When I first started playing roulette, I wasn’t interested in anything that sounded complicated, such as physics. I was always looking for the easiest way to win at roulette. I eventually found that I needed to let go of looking for the simple way, and dig a little deeper. Ultimately I came to understand why most systems fail, and that the only way of beating roulette is by increasing the accuracy of predictions. The only method of doing this is with the application of physics. It is the same case in Las Vegas, or anywhere else in the world.

If you aren’t looking to make a fortune playing roulette professionally, and then there are plenty of systems to play. Keep in mind they probably won’t win in the long-term, and rely heavily on luck.

It is very common for a player to have a particular roulette system, and win over even thousands of spins. This player may be convinced that they have a winning system. But there may be dozens of other players using the exact same system, but they have lost. The overall effect of this is that the player that has won money gives hope to other players. There are always going to be winning players, even those who use losing systems. But over the long-term, most systems lose.

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