How To Win At the Casino – The Complete Guide

The average person thinks casinos can’t be beaten. But the average person has no real experience with winning at the casino. This article discusses the real truth explaining how to win at the casino. I’m talking about the techniques that win millions, have made headlines, and continue to be a real threat to modern casinos.

Which games can you win at the casino?

At some point, every casino game has been beaten one way or another. Some of the strategies involve illegal cheating that can put you in jail. And other techniques are perfectly legal even today. Every casino spends a fortune to protect revenue. Not just from professional players, but also collusion involving their own staff. The security cameras monitor their own staff even more than the players.

Each game has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. The information below will give you an idea of what suited to you.

The Illegal Methods to Win at The Casino

Knowing how to win at the casino is not as difficult as it may first seem. The more you research, the more common you’ll see it is. But I wouldn’t suggest illegal cheating, because there are plenty of legal strategies to win in casinos. There are a few examples:

Card games

Many card games enable the player to physically touch the cards. At the very least, you can get close enough to splash invisible ink on particular cards. For example, you may want to mark aces. You can use special equipment such as glasses to see the marked cards. Nobody else can see the invisible ink but you, so you will know which card is an ace, just by looking at its back. This is highly illegal, but still a common cheating method. It is more common in casinos that don’t have sophisticated technology. Modern casinos do have the capability to detect marked cards, so they see everything the cheaters see.

Applying this technology is very easy if you are able to physically touch the cards. But most modern casinos do not allow you to touch cards in games such as blackjack and poker. Still there are many inventive ways to get the ink on the cards. You could even use ink in a drink, put it in your mouth and sneeze it out.

Roulette cheating


Previously some players have colluded with dealers to replace the ball. The new ball has a magnet, and can be controlled with electronic equipment. The equipment may not make the ball and on a particular number. However, it can make the ball jump out of a pocket or area that does not favour the player. If done skilfully, the ball behaviour looks natural. It only needs to be done a few times using high stake bets, and the team can walk out with a fortune. I have been very few cases with this technology has been used.

A more common form of roulette cheating involve the use of electronic prediction devices. These are called roulette computers, and they predict the winning number based on the speed of the rotor and ball. However, whether or not they are illegal cheating depends on the jurisdiction they are used in. In some jurisdictions, they are highly illegal. But in other jurisdictions, they are perfectly legal although still prohibited by the casinos rules. Using a roulette computer can get you banned from a casino, but you won’t necessarily be charged by the police.

Another method for cheating at roulette is wheel gaffing. This is tampering with roulette wheel is to create physical imperfections. The result is a biased roulette wheel, where specific numbers or sectors spin more often than others. An example is to loosen the pocket separator of a particular pocket. At the time of tampering, only the individual who is responsible will know about it, and can exploit it before the casino detects the imperfection. The effect of the loose pocket separator is that the ball will hit it, and the momentum will be mostly absorbed. The ball then lands in a sector nearby. Such a strategy usually requires collusion with casino staff.

Dice Games

Any dice for a game like craps is very carefully manufactured. This is to prevent any bias in the outcome of roles. For example, any indents of the dots on a dice are uneven on particular sites. This would cause particular sides to roll out more than others. There is no significant bias in any dice used by casinos. But many players have discreetly swapped dice in games such as craps. A common technology is the use of magnets to make particular sides role on demand. Usually the technology is not perfect, meaning it will not work on every roll. However, the player only needs a slight advantage to profit in the long-term. This kind of scam is usually done in collusion with casino staff, but is not always the case.

There are countless other illegal cheating methods to win at the casino. The methods explained above, with the exception of the roulette computers, are illegal in all casinos throughout the world. The sole exception being casinos run on through ships, because they operate in international waters where there is no gaming law.

The Legal methods for beating casinos

Casino staff are well aware that their games are being beaten by professionals. Professional casino players are called an advantage players because they don’t specifically cheat, but they still get a legitimate advantage over the casino. In fact most casinos hire consultants to advise them about advantage players, and how to detect them. The measures taken by casinos to protect their revenue is called “casino game protection”. The best advantage play strategies for winning in the casino are explained below:

  • Card Counting: You’ve probably heard about this before. Basically in games like blackjack, you can track how often particular cards have appeared. This tells you which cards are remaining in the deck. You can therefore base decisions on this information to increase your chances of winning. The problem is modern casinos use sophisticated card shuffle machines. After each hand is played, the cards are returned to the shuffle machine. This makes any edge from card counting very small.
  • Card shuffle machine analysis: The card shuffle machines mentioned above do not produce entirely random shuffles. It is virtually impossible to produce any event that is entirely random. Careful analysis of the cards being dealt can reveal patterns from the shuffle machine. The most effective legal way to win at card games is with the combination of counting cards and shuffle analysis. The technology I’ve developed for this is explained at
  • Roulette physics systems: Roulette is often considered the most random casino game. But in fact it is by far the most predictable game, and easiest to beat. This is basically because designing a completely random roulette wheel is nearly impossible. In contrast, it is relatively easy for a player to predict where the ball will land, at least with enough accuracy to overcome the house edge. The house edge with European roulette is only -2.7%. So to overcome this, the player only needs slight accuracy in predicting the winning number.
  • Poker: This is a fun game to play with friends, and many people take it very seriously as an income source. Poker involves more playing other players than the casino. A professional poker player can do very well, without breaking any laws. But you are in competition with other skilled players, so the key is playing inexperienced players with money to lose.

So what’s the best way to consistently win?

It depends on what casino games are available at your casino, and which have the strongest weaknesses. If your casino uses old blackjack procedures, and poor shuffle machines, blackjack is a simple game to win at with card counting. But it takes a long time and you only get a very small edge. If your casino uses modern technology and procedures, then beating blackjack is a lot more complicated. You would need to utilise card counting in combination with shuffle analysis.

Poker is a good option, and widely accessible. But you are in competition with other professional poker players trying to take your money. The reality is if 10 professional poker players were playing against each other, their styles of play and techniques would be much the same. So who wins? The player with the best luck on the day. So while poker is certainly a game of skill, a lot still comes down to luck with the cards you’re dealt.

I have always found the overall best way to win at the casino is roulette. If you use a professional system or roulette computer. If you use a roulette system such as my cross-reference system, then no skill or luck is involved. Instead you use knowledge and a analysis to exploit patterns. If you use techniques such as visual ballistics or roulette computers, both skill and knowledge is involved. I’m not much of a fan of visual ballistics because a well-designed roulette computer can do a far better job. Roulette computers do require skill to use, but it is predominantly the design that leads to accurate predictions.

Roulette isn’t necessarily going to be the best system to win in your casino. But in most cases, it will be. Once you understand the pros and cons of each method to win in the casinos, you can select the best strategy for your casino.

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