How To Quit Roulette and Beat Gambling Addiction

Many people consider roulette to be an opportunity to win a lot of money very quickly. And yes it is possible and can be done with the right approaches, and in the right conditions. The appeal of quick money can lead to gambling addiction.

But many people contact me asking for free advice to win back money they lost. This is the beginning of a gambling addiction. And if you have a gambling addiction, I will not accept you as a player whether you pay me or not. If you may be in this situation, this page has advice to help you quit roulette or any gambling additiction.

How To Identify A Gambling Problem

There are many gambling help websites that explain this better than me. But what I explain here is from my own observations. You may have a gambling problem if:

  • Your main goal is to win back losses
  • You have unrealistic goals of winning millions overnight
  • You are in debt and considering playing roulette
  • You often attend the casino by yourself
  • You hide your gambling habits from family or friends
  • You often exceed the loss limits you set
  • You often take multiple trips to the ATM when visiting casinos
  • You become particularly anxious, and playing becomes less about fun, and more about getting back at casinos
  • You are constantly needing to loan money

If any of the above applies to you, please do not apply to use my system more computers.

Why I Don’t Accept Players With Possible Gambling Problems

Below is a summary of reasons why I don’t accept players with gambling problems:

  • You are likely to rush and make mistakes, then worsen your situation.
  • You shouldn’t even be considering any casino game as a solution to problems.
  • The pursuit of money is destructive. The pursuit of freedom is correct. This is why I created and
  • By encouraging you to use any casino betting system, it would worsen your problem. It is not about whether the system will win or lose. Any system can sustain short-term losses. And you may panic after short-term losses, then make irresponsible losing bets that are not part of the system. You may even then blame me and the system for your mistakes, rather than take responsibility for you own.

As far as I know, every player that has applied my systems correctly, and in the appropriate circumstances over enough spins, has profited.

But there have been many players who have purchased my system, but not profited. In fact many have made losses. I can honestly say in every case I have carefully considered, losing players were applying their incorrect understanding of the system. Probably the most common mistake is the player fails to properly assess the wheel. So they play on a wheel that failed the assessment process. Therefore the wheel should never even be played on. But the player persists and applies the system, consequently losing. If you use anything incorrectly, you won’t get the desired effects. And unfortunately the systems rules, while perfectly clear, are very easy to stray from if you don’t pay attention.

The players who succeed with my systems consider it is a business opportunity. It is a calculated investment, with potentially very high returns if everything is done correctly.

The majority of players who don’t succeed, fail usually because they didn’t seek proper support. Every now and then I follow-up players to see how they are going. And sometimes I’m told they gave up because of a particular problem they encountered. But they never bothered to tell me about the problem, because they didn’t expect there would be a solution. And most of the time the solution is actually quite simple.

The worst-case scenario for a professional and attentive player, who uses the system correctly, is to simply have inappropriate wheels at their casino. For example, there may be five wheels, all of the same design. And perhaps the design is notoriously difficult to beat. In this case, the player has the option of settling for a lower edge than usual. Although this is still profitable, it will take longer to profit. But if an edge cannot be achieved at all, then the player has no option but wait for the wheels to be recalibrated, or play elsewhere. This is a situation that may happen to around one in 40 players. Generally it doesn’t happen unless you have a very small casino with perhaps one or two wheels. How do you know this won’t happen to you? If you check the dominant diamonds and ball scatter, and they appear reasonably predictable, then your wheels can probably be comfortably beaten. More about this is on the home page of this site.

Getting back to my original point, I don’t accept players with gambling problems because they don’t have the right mindset. Without any additional stress of debt and bills, any reasonably intelligent person can follow the systems rules and profit. But in a stressful environment, mistakes are easily made, especially by players with gambling problems.

There have also been cases where players hide their gambling habits from their spouse. This is a bad idea, and if you need to hide your casino trips from your partner, please do not apply for my system or computers.

Advice If You Have a Gambling Problem

  • Be honest with yourself. If you regularly break promises to yourself, then you have a problem. Having a problem doesn’t need to be some huge revelation or a big deal. We have all had problems at some time in our life.
  • Let go of past losses. Holding on tightly is one of the biggest problems. Money will always come and go. The more time you spend worrying about it, the more time you waste. And that wasted time could have gone to productive ways to profit.
  • Stop thinking money is so important. Yes it makes life easier. But it will not always make you happier or more complete. You are always who you are. If you always think you need something extra in life, then when you get that extra thing, you will want something else to feel complete. Be happy with how you are, and learn to appreciate what you do have, instead of what you don’t have.
  • Avoid drugs and alcohol. They can and usually will cloud your judgement.┬áThis is still the case for prescribed drugs from doctors. They don’t solve the problem, they only cloud your mind.

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