How To Beat The Game: Russian Roulette

If you’re fairly new to the world of gambling, scoring the jackpot at a casino game might seem like rocket science to you, especially spinning wheel games like Russian roulette. Although beating a casino game generally comes down to having good luck, reading up on roulette tips and tricks to minimize your losses, and maximize your chances to win, can help you make a few extra bucks on your way out of the casino. 

On the surface, there may seem to be a lot of rules and terms that you’re not familiar with, but once you wrap your head around the basics, you’ll find yourself blending in with everyone at your table in no time. Here’s how to maximize your chances at winning Russian roulette, without having to empty out your entire bank account. 

Start Small 

When you still haven’t gained your footing in the game, it wouldn’t be wise to place a bet that you can’t afford. Surely, it’s common sense. You might not have the intention to place a higher wager than you can afford, but you also might be compelled to if you’re not familiar with the rules and strategies of the game. 

To brush up on the basics, this betting blog has many recommendations for Freeplay casino games, which you can play at home to practice. When you feel like you’ve familiarized yourself with the rules and the most frequently-used tricks, that’s when you can head to your local brick-and-mortar casino without having to worry about being coerced into placing bets that you cannot afford. 

Play It Smart

There are many strategies that you can follow in order to heighten your chances to win some cash. Some experienced gamblers like to find a table with a low minimum bet as well as a high maximum bet, then betting a wager that they can afford on black or red, odd or even, and choose numbers that range from one to eighteen. In the event that you luck out and win, you keep what you have earned, and you place another wager which is still small. When you start small, the chances of winning are high. You may only walk away from the table with ten bucks with your humble bets, but it’s still better than losing. 

However, in the event that you lose, you should double your bet and try again. You might find yourself losing again until all the money you have in chips is gone, or you might get lucky and win. In most cases, many gamblers win when they place small bets. 

Stick to Your Plan

Your biggest enemy as a beginner will likely be common myths and peer pressure from other players who want you to lose. Just because someone next to you appears to be more experienced, doesn’t mean that they will offer advice in your favor. Stick to your strategy, and don’t fall for any unsolicited advice. 

That said, you may find that a certain color has won a dozen times in a row, which will compel you to choose the same color in hopes that you get lucky. But results in roulette are entirely random, and you can never expect a particular color to win. Also, at one point in the game, if you’re not lucky, you may find yourself in the red if you face consecutive losses, which may compel you to doubt your bets to recoup the money that you have lost. However, if you cannot afford to lose another round, walk away from the table and try again on a luckier day. 

Go Big

When you have practiced the game for long enough to go big or go home, there’s a right way to do that. Sometimes, the riskiest bets are the ones that win. Otherwise, the game wouldn’t be so popular if gamblers only walked away with losses! Some gamblers are lucky enough to make thousands, and even millions of dollars, when they place bigger bets; however, you should only wager the maximum amount of money that you can afford. 

If you want to play it safe, while also taking the risk, you can save up for a few months before you hit the casino to test your luck. But you need to be aware that your chances of losing and winning are equal, and that some gamblers walk away from the table with nothing. 

If you’re up for that, just find a table with a high maximum bet and a small minimum bet. These are usually the tables that make the biggest profits, but they’re also where millionaires lose half of what they own. Start by betting a small wager. Pick black or red, odd or even, and numbers from one to eighteen, or nineteen to thirty-six. The trick is that you need to place your bet on the same spot on your table, and patiently wait until you hit a hot streak. If you win, double the wager in the same spot on your table. If you find yourself hitting a streak, continue doubling your wager until you feel like you can walk away. However, if you lose and break the streak, go back to wagering the original bet that you placed. 

It’s no surprise that roulette is one of the most entertaining as well as thrilling casino games that you can enjoy on your own, or with friends. Raking in chips is not that much of a complex concept, and even beginners can make some profit playing the game if they follow our simple guide. Always remember that there is no single successful strategy to win. You’ll still need to test the waters and see what works best for you.  

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