Famous roulette players, and why they’re not as well-known as top poker players

Out of all the casino games you could play, poker and roulette remain very popular. Both have a long history to look back on and a sense of drama that draws in players. Both games are also exciting, fun to play, and pretty simple to understand. As a result, they have long been favorites of players across the globe.

This is certainly true in modern times, when poker and roulette can be found in all offline and online casinos. Vegas Bonus 360 illustrates this point perfectly, as the top internet casinos it lists all carry poker and roulette to play. If you are looking for an easy-to-use and secure online casino with top bonuses, then Vegas Bonus 360 is a great place to start.

While poker and roulette are both famed casino games, it seems that we hear and know a lot more about poker. Have there been any famous roulette players, and why do we not know about them as much?

Are there any famous roulette players?

When you dig a little deeper into the history of roulette, you do start to come across quite a few famous players. Perhaps the biggest name still is Joseph Jagger, who is known as ‘the man who broke the bank at Monte Carlo’. His fame comes from an 1881 visit to the Casino de Monte-Carlo. During this visit, he won 2 million francs on roulette, and this caused the casino in Monte Carlo to go bankrupt.

As well as Jagger, Norman Leigh is a more recent famous roulette name. Not much is known about Leigh, but he made headlines in 1966 when he won 800,000 francs playing roulette. This saw him banned not only from that casino for life but also every casino in France!

Why are the famous names in roulette not as well-known as top poker players?

Despite there being some famous names using top roulette systems, it is safe to say that most people have not heard of them before. It is also safe to say that most people will have heard of top poker pros such as Daniel Negreanu. Why is this?

Since the explosion of online casino play, poker has positioned itself as the top casino game around. This means that more people follow it compared to roulette and therefore get to know the top poker pros better. Poker also gets a lot more media attention, and this, in turn, means that top poker players get a lot of press. This ensures that they are well-known to the public – which is not true for people who play roulette currently.

Famous roulette names cannot match famous poker names

Although roulette might have some big-name players, it cannot compete with poker in modern times. People not only know more about top poker pros through the media, but many also find poker more exciting to watch. This may change in the future, but it is certainly the case for now.

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