Casinos In Sweden and How To Beat Them

Sweden is geographically a small country, so it’s easy to get around between casinos. Overall the conditions for professional players in Sweden is good.

The Four Casinos In Sweden

Below is a summary of each land-based casino.

Casino Cosmopol Gothenburg

Poker Table Games
Punto Banco Baccarat

Texas Hold’em Poker
Omaha Poker
Poker Tournaments

Casino Cosmopol Malmo

Punto Banco Baccarat

Casino Cosmopol Stockholm

Punto Banco Baccarat
Sic Bo

Casino Cosmopol Sundsvall


All of the casinos also have slot machines, but they’re not a consideration if you’re a professional player. This is because the spin outcomes are determined by a random number generator, so there’s no practical way of exploiting outcomes for an advantage. In other words, forget slot machines unless you’re playing only for fun.

Requirements For Entry

Besides reasonably neat casual, you need to pay a few dollars (30 SEK) for entry. The entry fee is not uncommon in European casinos. It’s only a modest fee, designed to keep away people who have no intention of spending money. The minimum age requirement is 20 years.

It’s relevant that you need photo ID for entry. Again this is common for European casinos. However, it’s not a big problem and it’s not difficult to avoid detection. Exactly how you avoid detection depends on the game you play, and techniques you use. Still I’ll give some general advice here.

Professional Vs Casual Play

If you only intend to play for fun, click here for some basic gambling strategies in Swedish. But you need to understand most strategies are based around fun, rather than scientifically valid strategies for consistent profits. If you’re only playing for fun, you don’t need to worry about avoiding detection. I’d just suggest carefully set and stick to your loss limits. If it’s no longer fun, walk away. And never chase losses – instead, just accept them or it can get worse.

Playing professionally is very different. Beating particular games is not particularly difficult. The real problem is avoiding detection. You can’t win large amounts day after day, without drawing attention. And once casino staff notice you, if how you’re winning is suspicious, one way or another they wont let your winning streak continue.

Best Games To Play

The two most profitable casino games are consistently roulette and poker. The same applies to almost every casino throughout the world. But keep in mind successful advantage players are opportunists that assess weaknesses in games.

The casino’s procedures will vary, even for the same games. For instance, one casino may use very poor quality card shuffling machines. And poor quality shuffle machines tend to make the sequence of dealt cars predictable. You may not know exactly which card will appear next, but it doesn’t need to be an exact science. This is one of the blinders for people who think advantage play in modern casinos doesn’t exist.

All you need to beat a casino game is a slight edge. Remember the house edge is only small, so you only need a small edge to overcome it, and put odds back in your favor.

So what’s the best game? It depends on the specific game, and the conditions at the time. Conditions at the time may relate to variables to staff, like croupiers. In games like roulette, some croupiers will allow later bets, which provides better conditions for visual ballistics players.

However, in most cases, roulette and poker are consistently the most profitable games to play. Roulette is most profitable overall because when the conditions are right, the possible edge may be over 80%. Such an edge is not possible with Poker.

The key difference with poker is you’re playing against other players, not against the casino or its equipment. So when playing poker’ it’s prudent to play at times when there’s more “recreational” players at the table. You may find tougher opponents in tournaments or during weekdays. If you’re a regular at particular casinos, it also helps to know individual players, so you know who’s more or less experienced.

Avoiding Detection

Most casinos have access to shared databases of suspected professional players. Some databases are internet and only shared within a country, or chain of casinos. But other databases require a commercial license to access.

It’s a common belief amongst professional players that being on one of these lists means the end of your career. The reality is you do not tend to get flagged at the entrance, which is what you’d otherwise expect since your ID is required. Normally you’d only be noticed after a significant win.

For example, on one occasion I entered multiple casinos in the same country on one day. The door staff scanned my passport and noted I had visited other casinos on the same day. This confirmed our suspicions. But the casino staff stated it as a matter of mild interest, as if to say “welcome back”. On this occasion, I was only scouting opportunities for my teams. So there was no real heat on me at the time. The heat should have been on my players, who were the ones making bets. But they were relatively unknown, so they easily avoided detection.

Swapping players is one of many ways to avoid detection. It’s by no means the only way. Ultimately it is quite easy to avoid detection. Casino surveillance staff talk a big game about how capable they are. While indeed they do have excellent capabilities to monitor and track advantage players. The reality is their technology is still reliant on staff, and they generally don’t do their job to anywhere near the standard they could. This is for many reasons, but ultimately professional players are very rare compared to normal losing players. So even if you raise some red flags at the door, all that will happen is you’ll be watched to ensure if you win, you don’t break the bank.

In a case where the heat is on, and you know you’re probably being watched, it’s still not hard to win a reasonable sum without backlash. For example, you might tinker around on the slot machines while observing the roulette wheels. And when you notice a dealer spinning the wheel the way you want it, you could switch to roulette for a quick profit. If you know the right techniques, and have done your homework for the wheel already, it’s not hard to quickly exploit conditions in a way that looks like blind luck.

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