The Best Way to Win at Paddy Power Casino

Paddy Power Casino is an online casino that offers all of the standard casino games in an online format; however, they also offer something special that makes winning possible. That is not to say that you cannot win at any game at any time, but casino statistics remain the same whether you are in Las Vegas, Monte Carlo, or playing online. Those statistics say that the house is going to win over time and your bankroll will eventually belong to them. Unless…you know the secret to winning.

Winning at roulette in any casino is done either through luck, math, or science. The best way to win at Paddy Power Casino is no different. If you are going to play slots, then you better have lots of luck. If you are going to play several of the card games, then there are mathematical systems that can increase your odds of success. However, the best way to win at Paddy Power Casino is the same as in any brick and mortar establishment: using physics to beat roulette.

Why Playing Roulette Is the Best Way to Win at Paddy Power Casino


Without any adjustment to the house advantage, roulette is the 3d best casino game, in terms of chances of winning, behind blackjack and craps. There are no any ways to increase your odds playing craps, so what you have is what you get. A bit of card counting in blackjack can increase your odds to nearly 50/50, and you might even come out ahead. Roulette, compared to the other games, has one distinct advantage: understanding the physics behind the game can actually give you an edge over the house. It is the only casino game where this is possible.

Roulette is a game played with a spinning wheel, a spinning ball, ball bounce, and gravity. These are all things that can be measured by the science of physics. The science has been proven many times, and several people in history have taken casinos for millions using this advantage. The big scores are rare, however, since casinos understand physics, too, and are watching for people who are trying to exploit the system. In a physical casino, the game can be beaten, but you have to be careful not to be spotted or the casino will either ask you to leave or change the wheel to take away your advantage. In online casinos, you don’t have to worry about being watched and can use all of the advantages without worry or concern as long as you are wise with your betting strategies so you don’t draw attention to your success.

Note: there are two types of online casino roulette games and physics only works on one of them. If the roulette wheel is digital and there are no moving parts or gravity at play, the odds are what they are and the house will win. However, if an online casino, like Paddy Power Casino, has an actual, physical roulette wheel with a human dealer and a camera set up showing the wheel in real-time, then the physics behind roulette not only works, but the science can be used with great advantage.

Understanding How Physics Works to Win at Roulette

In roulette, the wheel is spun in one direction and the ball is spun in the opposite direction along the inside rim of the wheel. With a little practice, you can track how fast the wheel is spinning, how long it takes the ball to complete a rotation, and how many bounces the ball bounces before it ends up in a slot at various spin speeds. While some people can learn to do these calculations in their head, it is very helpful to have software support. This is one of the greatest advantages to gambling at an online casino because nobody can see you using a roulette computer.

Learning How Physics Changes the Odds

The standard house advantage is 2.7 percent (5.26 percent in America). The advantage is the same whether you are betting even money bets like even/odd or black/red or if you are betting a straight number bet. This is because the payout on a straight number bet is 35 to 1 so you only have to win once out of 35 times to get your money back. This seems like a simple proposition, but there are 37 slots on the wheel (38 in American Roulette since they have a zero and double zero), thus the house’s advantage. (Note: The Paddy Power Casino is Europe, so there are only 37 slots on the wheel)

Since the house has such a small advantage to start with, if you were able to detect a slight discrepancy in the number of times a certain number hit due to wheel bias, or were able to predict where the ball would land based on wheel spin and increase your odds by only 1 percent, then you would not only eliminate the house’s advantage, but increase your odds of winning. Mathematically, it looks like this: your chances of hitting a certain number are 1 in 37 or 2.70 percent. The house’s chance of winning is approximately 97.3 percent. Multiply your chance of winning by the payout (35 to 1) and you get 94.5. The difference between the house’s advantage and your’s if you hit just once in 35 times in 97.3 minus 94.5 or just 2.7 percent. If you are able to hit your number just one percent more, then the odds shift to 3.7 percent times 35 or 1.295; you have not only eliminated the house’s edge but have taken the advantage yourself. What does that look like in ball hits? In 105 spins, you would need to hit 4 times instead of 3. With even a modest $25 bet, you win almost $900. If your advantage is more than 1 percent, the winnings can be ridiculous.

In short, the best way to win at Paddy Power Casino is simple: Ensure you are at a live roulette wheel and use a roulette computer or similar physics-based approach to increase your odds.

Other Games at Paddy Power

It is possible to achieve an edge over the casino with blackjack and some other card games. But the casino’s use of shuffle machines greatly reduces the edge that is possible, and which require very fast and accurate assessments to achieve an edge. Roulette is still by far the most profitable casino game in average casino conditions. Learn more about how to win at roulette by clicking the links on this website.

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